Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baked "Surprise" Cheese Cupcakes

Too lazy to make a biscuit base? This recipe for baked cheesecakes is even easier because all you need is a cupcake tray and some cupcake liners.

Just a random aside because I get bored sometimes; here's a comparison between American Philly (above) and Australian Philly and guess what? They taste exactly the same haha! I guess the quality control is pretty good, the only noticeable difference was the color of the American Philly, which was significantly fairer.

1. Basic cheesecake mix
2. Chocolate ganache
3. "Surprise" fillings

4. Milka Montelino chocolates, a gift from from Switzerland but since I was looking for a "surprise" in my cupcakes these babies were chopped up and readied to go

5. As you can see, I also chopped up some Kinder Bueno chunks as additional surprises

1. Pour abit of cheesecake mix in each cupcake orifice.
2. Put in a little "surprise" in each (be it Montelino or Kinder Bueno chunks)
3. Cover with some more cheesecake mix and bake in the oven at 160degC (fanforced)
4. Remove when golden brown and cool to room temperature
5. Spread a layer of ganache and top off with a half dipped almond

There you go, even simpler than the first recipe and great for parties! Besides, with bite-size cheese cupcakes you don't have to worry about a messy slice since no cake knives are required.

A second random aside: I have this thing for little surprises in my foods (like the stuffed chicken wings with the scallops in it) these cheese cupcakes are already designed to elicit cuteness but after one bite, your guests will just go "Oooh... " It's like a two-hit combo haha.



Unknown said...

Hahaha, I didn't even know there are American and Aussie Philly, I just grab what's on the supermarket shelves :D

Sammy said...

wah lao, your cheesecakes making me hungry can... especially the tarts

D said...

angie: Aus Philly gives you more bang for buch as well, cheaper than the American counterpart and gives you 250g instead of 8oz (227g) =D

YD: It helps that it's so easy to make as well =)