Sunday, February 04, 2007

D is for Cheesecake

I don't bake desserts much because of a few reasons:

a. I don't normally crave desserts enough to make them myself
b. I'm too lazy to spend the time and effort to bake desserts
c. It's easier to buy desserts than to make them, i.e. it's an analysis of the effort:reward ratio
d. I'm a guy and in a very traditional silly stereotypical way I think that baking is best done by the ladies. I'm sure there's some loose correlation between too much baking and emasculation, so it's always handy to have that beef jerky and Tabasco sauce at the side if you notice that the pitch of your voice has started to rise (this whole reason, of course, is a joke)

However, once in a blue moon, I do bake some things. One of my favorite desserts that I make is the baked cheesecake. As with anything I make, if I do get down to doing it, I make sure my best efforts are put into it. This is the introduction to a four part series of various styles of baked cheesecakes.

Essentially, the main recipe is similar to the one posted by C quite some time ago but for completeness' sake here it is again:

1. Eight ounce blocks of cream cheese (Philly is prefered)
2. 1/4 cup of granualted sugar for every block of cheese used
3. 1 medium sized chicken egg for every block as well
4. Vanilla essence/extract
5. Biscuit base made from digestives and butter

Tip: Please try to use pure vanilla extract instead of flavorings, it does cost a little more but it's only used sparingly and the flavor does make a world of difference

1. Put the cheese in a bowl and mix, followed by the sugar and then the eggs
2. Add a few drops of vanilla essence/extract
3. Modify mix accordingly to the different recipes

Here's just a little preview of how one may utilize a simple baked cheesecake recipe to concoct some rather interesting varieties. Stay tune...



Unknown said...

Yo D,

D's 4-part series? Waiting to see the next 3 episodes :p

Lord Dianabol said...

The best chefs are males, only because their mothers taught them well.

D said...

angie: Yup haha, one of the rare moments where I intrude into the "realm" of all you baking girls =D

lady dianbol: hell yeah