Monday, February 26, 2007

Nam Sing, Bangkok

Nam Sing is a Chinese-Thai restaurant located in the Chinatown area of Bangkok which is supposedly pretty popular with Singaporean tourists. This joint was recommended by a friend based here for a nice roasted piglet. We ordered a few more dishes to complement the pig whilst we were here.

The shark's fins soup was not bad, quite tasty and with a generous serve of bamboo pith. The beansprouts were served raw though and I felt the soup was not abundant and hot enough to cook them enough to get rid of that beany flavor.

The crabcakes were pretty decent. Nothing really spectacular but greasy and salty enough to be a decent starter.

The deep-fried spareribs were also average. I was getting abit worried that so far, the dishes here weren't particularly mind-blowing...

The crab meat fried rice wasn't impressive either! It was rather plain and there was not enough crab meat in this. I was really getting worried at this point...

Fortunately, this meal was redeemed by this little porker of crispy porcine splendor. True to my friend's description, this place serves an excellent roasted suckling piglet. The skin was extremely crispy and the seasoning of the meat on the under surface fragrantly tasty as well. They even provided us with some sliced Chinese bread buns on the side with the sweet sauce so that this could be eaten Peking duck style. If there's any reason to come to this joint, it's for this porky.

Abadee, abadee, abadee that's all folks!


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