Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shahrazad Restaurant, Bangkok

There's something to be said about a city which you can visit four times in less than six months. Bangkok has become my favorite quick getaway for good food. Besides the traditional Thai food, Bangkok is also home to many other excellent cuisines. This round in Bangkok will focus on these slightly more interesting non-Thai eateries.

The sois (streets) off Sukhumvit in the Nana area are home to many Middle-Eastern restaurants. Shahrazad is one of the oldest ones here and true to their staying power, they do serve some tasty grub.

Their Egyptian breads are like slightly crispier and lighter versions of North Indian naans. Fragrant and served hot,

they went very well with the chilled hummus.

We had to order a serve of butter chicken to dip our breads into as well. Most of the Middle-Eastern restaurants have a little Indian variety on their menus and it's done pretty well too. The butter chicken pieces were pre-grilled chicken tikka chunks in a tangy creamy tomato gravy.

Grilled meats are a staple of Egyptian food so we ordered a bit of everything to sample. Here's the mixed grilled platter which had shishkebabs and beef slices. The shishkebab was not bad but unfortunately the beef was overcooked and hence too dry and tough.

The grilled lamb chops were described in the menu as "juicy" and "tasty" and boy did they lived up to their name. Skip the grilled beef and order this when you're here. Each bite is a mixed of salty and greasily juicy flavor.

If you want something more lean than the lamb chops, the grilled lamb shank is an excellent choice as well. Slow grilled till the meat is tender enough to fall off the bone, the amount of meat in this also gives you a substantial blast of protein.

Their minced stuffed breads are pretty good too because they use a different dough from their normal breads which doesn't go soggy when filled with the juicy minced.

Their creme caramel had a decent flavor but wasn't smooth and soft enough for my liking. The one I had in Vietnam was a lot better, but do visit Sharazad for their breads and grilled lamb meats.


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Lord Dianabol said...

The food's looking good as always.

I must visit Bangkok one of these days.