Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Polo Fried Chicken, Bangkok

Ok, I know this Bangkok series was supposed to focus on non-Thai or atypical Thai foods but I realized that I've not done a post on this before which would be a great injustice! Polo Fried Chicken has been serving a mean fried chicken in this area for a long time and has even been mentioned in the New York Times.

Started off with a tangy and spicy Isaan style raw pawpaw salad. Just the thing to whet our appetites.

The grilled beef was abit tough which is quite common with local beef but what it lacked in texture it made up with a nice smoky and greasy flavor.

I guess the Isaan sausage is an acquired taste. The odd sour flavor and the soft texture didn't really agree with me. I like snappy hotdogs.

Their spicy fishcakes have got to be one of the biggest I've seen. It's as though they were on steroids. Big in size and big in flavor as well, this was nice.

So this is the dish that allows this restaurant to make a name for herself. Fried with minimal batter till the skin is light and crisp, this chicken is a lot less greasy than it looks.

But despite the lack of grease it's not lacking in flavor. The generous crunchy fried bits of garlic sure helped enhanced that taste. This bird definitely lived up to her name.

Instead of normal rice, you can order a pretty fragrant sticky rice which complemented the dishes pretty well.

Do drop by Polo Fried Chicken if you get a chance, it's just up along Wireless Rd, so it makes a great dinner spot before browsing the nearby Suan Lum Night Bazaar.


p.s: Just a minor correction, they open till 10pm now. Their cards are just not updated.

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