Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ricciotti, Riverwalk, Singapore

Ricciotti is a sister restaurant of the Garibaldi group and is more of a cafe like the other sister joint, Menotti. For various reasons, I've always prefered Ricciotti over Menotti so here I was for some desserts.

The cheese platter had a decent variety but funny how blue cheese was served despite our repeated requests not to have any blue cheese in it. Would have been nice if they served it with some table waters or crackers though.

The musa is a pancake (more of a crepe really) wrapped chocolate cream with banana flambe. The chocolate cream within was rich and not too sweet but there could have been more bananas in this, I think I managed to find only two or three slivers.

The profiteroles consists of a trio held together by chocolate to form this almost grotesque lumpy structure. It comes in this neat chocolate cup which you can chomp down as well. This time each profiterole had a different filling, the top two being chocolate and vanilla cream and the larger one below a pretty tasty pistachio. I do remember the profiteroles being a lot larger ages ago though, can anyone else verify if it has been downsized?

Perhaps the only real let-down this evening was the cannoli which was simply very mediocre. It wasn't bad but just tasted like any pre-packed cannoli that can be picked up from any Italian deli abroad.



LiquidShaDow said...

If you ever do visit again for dessert, try the Duomo. It's quite nice.

J said...

buon semplicemente cielo fantastico

D said...

liquidshadow: I've tried the duomo but wasn't too fond of the olive oil flavor though.

jason: er..thanks.

Lord Dianabol said...

Those bloody idiots can't get the order for the cheese right, what else could you expect?

Burn the useless place to the ground I say.

Anonymous said...

how can anyone order a cheese platter WITHOUT blue cheese? Just pack it for me next time :D I loooove blue cheese!

Must say the other desserts are completely what I would not order :P