Friday, August 03, 2007

Mee Noodle Shop and Grill, Manhattan, NYC

American Chinese food is almost like a unique entity to America. It's like Hainanese chicken rice which is pretty much a Singaporean dish. It's unique because it's Chinese food with some modifications in flavor and taste.

Here's General Tso's chicken which is pretty much present on almost every Chinese restaurant menu here. It's really like a sweet and sour variant with a very slight spicy edge.

I was quite surprised that the stir-fried vegetables in garlic sauce came with a rather thick reddish looking sauce. I was expecting a savory clear garlic sauce instead but apparently this is how it's done here.

On another note, the dumplings at this place seem pretty popular, so I may drop by one day to try them out.



Unknown said...

D, it looks like you don't have a problem feeding yourself there.

How're you liking NYC so far?

How's prices around that area? Cheaper than AU?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. D

Be prepared for more Chop Suey, General Tao chicken, GingerBeef with Broccoli, Eggroll, Egg Drop Soup, Mapo Tofu and the good old Fortune Cookie whenever you visit any american-chinese!
How's Japanese food over there? Do cook somethingy and post it for us!!! Have a good day ahead!

D said...

jas: So far, I'm managing haha. Prices are relatively more expensive than Perth, more similar to say.. Sydney prices? Produce from the supermarkets can be quite fair when there's an offer or promotion going on. But NYC in general isn't very cheap to live in =(

anon: Yeah! But there are some nice joints here with authentic Chinese food (look out for my later reviews). There seems to be quite alot of Japanese and Korean joints here which I've yet to check out. I don't know about cooking hey, my kitchen here is TINY (plus I don't have the domestic helper around either haha). You won't believe how much I'm paying to rent this little hole!