Monday, October 30, 2006

Bangkok, October 2006, Day Three

This is the last post for my Bangkok, October 2006 Series and boy do I intend to go off in a blast with more than 25 pictures this round. Ok, ready? Here we go.

A quick stroll through the shopping centre to see what they had to offer. Came across this localized fast food joint. I would have tried something for amusement but I didn't want to waste stomach space, a precious commodity in this land of food (yes, apparently D does get full at some point).

Pseudo street food in their food court. Grilled with heater coils and not charcoal? Bleah... I went on.

Enough of the posers. Let's bring on the real deal. After all, it'll be sinful to do a write-up on Bangkok without their kickass streetside food. Charcoal grill kicks the ass out of electronic heater coils anytime.

Freshly fried streetside chicken. I thought the lady chopping the chook was rather cute but there was something about the way she handled that cleaver that refrained me from being too friendly.

Seasoned with spices (I could taste tumeric) and piping hot, this really demotes the Colonel to a Private haha.

A little palate cleanser to get me ready for my next meal. Palate cleanser, see this is very much like your seven course French fine dining haha.

Fried bananas, very much like the ones you get in Malaysia.

A noodleshop doing brisk business, I had to try some.

Damn... this tasted so good. The noodles had a nice firm bite and the meatballs and fish cake slices were firm and bouncy. I just felt it needed something to spice it up though... something hot.

They have interesting condiments here; crushed nuts, sugar, pepper, pickled chillies, chilli flakes, lime juice... wait a minute, did someone say chilli flakes?

Alright... before she was beautiful but now she's perfect.

The epitome of streetside eating. A mixed rice stall. These humble unassuming pushcarts around Bangkok are usually the ones responsible for the tastiest grub. I was not disappointed.

Plate one: Fried chicken bits, fried pork neck, braised beancurd with vegetarian intestines and shredded bamboo shoots with gluten.

When food is so good, you can't stop at one. Plate two: Much more fried stuff and more vegetarian intestine. You can spy an egg right at the back. Apparently, it's ok to eat one egg a day now haha. Each plate went for only 20BT(0.80SGD).

Coffee or tea? Iced coffee please, thank you very much. These little drink kiosks are scattered across the city as well and they make a really wickedly rich and creamy iced coffee. I'm not usually a coffee person but I couldn't resist. They use condensed milk to make the coffee and just before serving it, there's a generous drizzle of evaporated milk on top of it so it's really milky and creamy.

Cold creamy coffee on a hot day. Exactly what the Doctor ordered haha.

The CIP (Commercially Important Person) lounge at the new Bangkok International Airport. Funny how I have access here considering the fact that I'm not commercially important. I guess, I can relate to the F&B industry in some way but only as a consumer haha. Anyway, I liked this lounge because it was virtually empty.

Quite a neat range of finger foods and cakes here.

Although there wasn't a hot selection of food here, the sheer variety sure put Raintree at Changi to shame.

Hard liquor is gratis here as well.

I went for a little selection of sandwiches, meatballs on a stick, fruit and a coke. I'm a fan of mini triangle sandwiches and these were well buttered hence scoring more points.

They even have a whole fridge of ice-creams here.

I started off with the cookies cream. Not too bad at all, although this was manufactured in Thailand, it was still as creamy as its USA counterpart.

Since I had some time to kill before my flight and I was getting bored, I decided to wage "Ice-Cream Battles". Sorry to the "Rum and Raisin" faction but "Cookies and Cream" won. The "Rum and Raisin" only contained two raisins in the whole cup, but I guess they did say "Raisin" and not "Raisins" and hence totally prevented any litigation under "Section 52" for misleading advertising, these ice-cream people are geniuses I tell you.

After a few more sandwiches and a hot chocolate, I decided to hit the restaurants outside for some proper food.

The pictures on the menu of this ramen joint looked pretty ok so the food must have been quite good right? WRONG... big mistake, it's sad to say that my last meal in Bangkok was probably my worst.

This stuff was salty as and the noodle texture was worse than instant Mee Goreng (not that mee goreng is bad stuff, I love it. Anyone who studies overseas would have a soft spot for it too heh). The egg did not have the semi-cooked red centre that the picture showed and the pork slices were just tough, cold and super salty. I was really missing Tampopo or Noodle House Ken at this point.

The cold ramen wasn't the best either, they gave me crabstick when the picture clearly showed Japanese fishcake. I think somebody's up for a good lesson in "Section 52". Clearly, the Thai ramen people aren't geniuses like the ice-cream people haha.



Lord Dianabol said...

Looking good stud, looking good.

Unknown said...

Yo D, that's a hell lot of eating there. You being a foodies, bet you had a wonderful eating time in Thailand :)

Lord Dianabol said...

Man, that streetside fried chook...