Friday, October 06, 2006

A Mid-Autumn Night's Dream [MA]

*The following post has been classified MA. Please be advised that it is only to be viewed by Mature Audiences*








3 *beep*

2 *beep*


She was a gift to me. I was promised she would provide me with immense enjoyment and satisfaction. She sat there quiet, avoiding my gaze. I slowly undid her Chinese dress, one button at a time. In one smooth flick of my finger her outfit came undone. I paused to savor the sight of her with my eyes.

Pale, smooth and white skin, did angels ever fly so low? No, she was no angel, she was far from that because she tempted me and angels do not tempt. I extended a finger and caressed her skin, so soft, so supple. I ran my finger down her and paused again to clear my throat which had gone dry from an excitement most overwhelming. But just looking at her was not enough, touching her was not enough, can it ever be enough? I felt insatiable; I needed to have a taste of her deepest regions.

What aroma, what fragrance, it was almost intoxicating when my tongue made contact with her. I knew pleasure so sinful could only be short-lived but I took my time anyway and teased every bit of her being before going in for the kill. And as she laid there, empty, used and taken, I moved on to her sister.

Her sister was different, she was bolder and stronger. I didn’t have to undo her outfit as she was already spread before me. Her bronze tanned skin a far cry from the soft silky complexion of a conquest almost forgotten. Would she appreciate me as much as her sister? Would I appreciate her as much as her sister? I didn’t know, I didn’t care, it didn’t matter. I was fuelled by my hunger and I needed to know if she could satisfy me.

And she did… oh did she know every trick in the book. Smooth on the touch, soft within and hard in the right places; she knew it all. Although we were surrounded by the candle-lit lanterns, the only heat was the one shared between us and this heat only burned stronger as the night went on…



Raffles the Plaza, Singapore

The Insatiable – D
First Sister – Miss Snowskin Champagne Truffle with Chocolate Ganache
Second Sister – Miss Baked Lotus Seed with Double Salted Egg-yolks and Macadamia

Shot on location at D’s

A BIG BIG Special thanks to all the friends, clients and colleagues who give me so many mooncakes every year that I’m so overwhelmed to the point which I don’t even need to buy any hahaha! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


p.s: I’m sorry if anyone found this offensive but please try to understand, some wise guy thought of dressing up mooncakes in cheongsam boxes! I could not resist….


Anonymous said...

D, I love mooncakes! I remember doing a tasting round last year at one of this bazaar at Change Alley and Raffles The Plaza stuck in my head. But I don't buy mooncakes as people give us so I just eat what's available.

My favourite type from anywhere is the pandan snowskin with white lotus paste and a single egg yolk. Green tea is also quite liked.

Although recently at work I've been eating traditional double-yolked ones from Goodwood.

Thanks for the well wishes, still a bit sore when making certain movements but actually I got on really well *phew*.

Knowing you have k610i reassures me that I won't go wrong with it or the k618i which is essentially the same phone.

Lord Dianabol said...

G`damn, I blew a bloody fuse reading this.

My only question is, no money shot?

J said...

fantasy fantasy fantasy

Anonymous said...

*lol! :D


Gracio said...

haha! i like the way u describe this! really interesting! Happy mid-autumn to u! :)

Sammy said...

Happy Mid Autumn Festival! You must be over the moon now HaHA okay so lame I know.

Oh Cindy you won't go wrong with Sony ericsson phones. Nearly all the pictures in my blog are taken using my k700i :)

Anonymous said...

heehee, thats a funny post. you're really creative :p

boo_licious said...

LOL! What a creative idea and I'm sure you also had lots of fun tasting both their "deepest regions".

kahsean said...

yum! love mooncakes =)

D said...

cindy: Isn't great to have so many free mooncakes every year? Glad you're feeling better.

Lady Dianabol: Money shot? Haha who's to say a Houdini wasn't pulled off? =P

gracio: Same to you, hope you're well in Dubai.

YD: On the contrary I love lame puns! I revel in them meself.

evan: What can I say? An idle mind's the devil's workshop haha.

boo: yes, I did. It was immensely pleasurable. I love what you do on your blog too.

kahsean: Poor you in Perth with not a decent mooncake in sight! At least play a lantern in a park?

Anonymous said... feel like eating mooncakes but then there was this food fair going on in uni and i tot of buying it. I saw da price tag $35.00 equivalent to RM90. I was like wtf..its ripping off. In Malaysia mooncakes are sold at around RM20 sth. so mooncakes for this year. sigh

D said...

Outstander: I know! Mooncakes in general are a big rip-off but it's an even bigger rip-off in perth when it's not even really good in quality.

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