Monday, October 09, 2006

Choc a Bloc, Singapore

Choc a bloc has been around for some time and gives the more established places such as Lana and Awfully Chocolate a run for their money.

As you can spy from that little circular perforation which previously held a candle, this was a actually a birthday cake for a friend who prefers dark chocolate. As such, I opted for the Americano Choco Truffle at 35SGD.

This stuff is rich, very rich. Do not expect a wimpy fluffy sponge cake with a cheap excuse of a chocolate fudge on this. This tasted like a rich, thick mud cake. The sort of thickness that would give your knife some resistance. We ate this cold from the fridge but I think it would have tasted better if slightly heated for the fudge to melt and go abit softer. A heated slice with some citrus sorbet by the side maybe?

The main branch at Bedok only sells whole cakes but if you're in the mood for just a slice, you can get them with beverages at their "Milk Bar" outlet at Cuppage Terrace. It's best that you have a few people to help you finish a whole cake because as tasty as it sounds, it does get you stuffed pretty quick.



Unknown said...

D, this looks sinfully delicious. How would you rate it against Lana?

Freezy said...

oh.. looks terribly rich!! but more desciptions??

D said...

angie: I'm really a big fan of old school stuff and have been patronizing lana's since I was a kid but to be honest, I'll have to say this beats lana's. Bearing in mind this is really thick and rich unlike the fluffy sponge cake and jelly-like fudge you get at lana's. To each their own I guess.

Freezy: Try it for yourself and you'll know haha.

Shionge said...

Oh Dear..I'll die or okay...round a few more rounds for that yummy piece plssssss??? :D

Sammy said...

I've been to the Milk bar before to find it close at around 7pm. Any idea what are its opening hours? Have u tried their mom's fudge cake? I heard its their best

zhengning said...

looks yummy. drools :)

D said...

shionge: The cake is worth it. After all why waste all that exercise? Haha.

YD: They do close pretty early, definitely not an after-dinner joint. Best to check out their website on the exact hours. Mum's fudge cake is good too, it's a lighter cake overall.

Zhengning: It tastes as good as it looks but just be warned, the Americano is VERY rich.