Sunday, October 01, 2006

Skinless Duck Salad

Skinless duck salad, gosh, has D gone low fat all of a sudden? Have pigs started to fly? Not in the least, it's just that I had a duck leftover after the skin was used for Peking duck at Spring Court and was wondering what to do with it. A coin flip between Thai red curry duck and duck salad proved duck salad emerging as the winner. The only laborious part of this is shredding the non-animal bits, other than that it's just a simple act of er... tossing the salad.

1. Carrot
2. Cucumber
3. Honeydew or rock melon or muskmelon (cantaloupe)
4. Roast duck
5. Lemon
6. Crushed roasted peanut
7. Plum sauce, sesame oil, salt, pepper, sugar, soy sauce, chilli sauce, oyster sauce, rice vinegar, maple syrup (optional)
8. Jellyfish

1. Shred carrot and cucumber
2. Thinly slice honeydew (don't try to shred this like i did, it only created mushy paste)
3. Slice and debone roast duck

4. Prepare the jellyfish:
a. So I asked the guy at the shop for jellyfish and he said there are two types:

i. Prepared seasoned jellyfish
ii. Dried whole jellyfish

I asked him what's the difference and he said that the real chefs use dried whole jellyfish which basically translates as, "Be a man, get the dried whole one." So I came home with this* which looked like it came out from Alien or Predator or Alien Versus Predator (ok you get the idea):

b. Soak it in some cold water till it's semi-soft
c. Get a pot of water to boil
d. Throw it into the boiling water and swoosh it about till you get the texture and consistency you desire
e. Take it out and dump it into room temperature water to cool
f. Thinly slice and season with lemon juice, oyster sauce, rice vinegar, chilli sauce, salt, pepper and a little sugar
*In your face jellyfish store dude!

5. Make the salad dressing
a. This is quite hit and miss because I never take note of the amounts I use, it's all up to your personal taste. The foundation of this sauce is basically plum sauce, you can add the oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and pepper etc to adjust it to your taste buds. I wanted to add in a uniquely sweet flavor instead of just sugar so I poured in some pure Canadian maple syrup. I like it when a dish keeps the diner guessing. "Hmm this tastes good but I can't quite put my finger on what this taste is." And you'll die without EVER knowing because I'll take it to my grave muahaha!

6. Mix in EVERYTHING and toss that salad!

Duck salad is a refreshing entree and should go well with most people because it's almost like a fusion-dish. It helps that it's pretty healthy too.


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