Monday, October 16, 2006

Korean BBQ in Myeong Dong , Seoul

Due to the ongoing K-craze, I've had requests from some friends to post something on Seoul.

We had just finished our little tour of Lotte World and the rides weren't scary at all. What was really scary was queuing up in -7degC temperatures just for a 5 minute ride. By the time we got to the end of the queue we didn't really care much for the ride anymore because we were so relieved that we've reached the end.

Master C (not related to C in any way) and D harassing the Lotte Maidens haha.

What visit to Lotte World is complete without a visit to the Lotte Mart as well? Ooh, what's that thing that D looks so pleased about? We'll find out soon!

Feeling hungry after all that nocturnal theme park fun, our Korean mate SS, who doubled-up as our tour guide and translator brought us for some good old Korean BBQ at the popular Myeong Dong strip.

Beef is a lot more expensive than pork but since we were in the mood for some good beef, we just went ahead and ordered a beef feast for the night. This is thinly sliced fatty tenderloin.

I wonder why the kimchi is only always eaten cold in Singapore. I tried to put some on the grill at Ju Shin Jung and got such evils from the waitress, I quickly scrapped it off. I mean seriously, if looks could kill, I would have been six-feet under.

The star of the show. Korean Wagyu ribeye.... man.. I don't even know how to describe this in words. *drools*

After all that beef, guess what we had for dessert? Pork! Hahahaha! The pork cuts here are very good too, almost as good as Okinawan pork.

A closer view of what that pink box was. Lotte chocolate filled biscuits! I love this stuff, it can be in any permutation, as a koala, a dog or as these weird little creatures, as long as it has a chocolatey center and a crisp biscuit coating, I'll eat it! Damn, they could even shape this like turd and I'll still be there hahaha.

And then D stumbled upon an idea most marvellous. Of course, such innovative genius could never have transpired without the help of our good friend Jinro Soju haha.

Hello Lotte biscuit thingy. You look awfully lonely burning there by yourself...

There you go! Lonely no more. Now burn... burn baby burn....

SS's impersonation of Captain Hook. A Jinro inspired moment.

Yet another classic Jinro moment. Big apologies to my friends who can't figure out why D came home with only four boxes of the chocolate biscuits, I hope this picture explains a bit. I think we finished 12 boxes that night hahaha.

Catching a few Zs before catching our train back. Don't drink and drive, that's so not cool.

Food is not cheap in Korea, Korean imports are almost as expensive as Japanese imports because things in Seoul itself are really expensive. This meal came to about 250USD.


p.s: This is also a tribute to SS whom I must heartily congratulate on becoming a 아빠 (Korean dad) soon!!! I guess that's where all our late night drinking ends too?


Unknown said...

Hi D, I was wondering, being a food reviewer, do you have any good steamboat restaurants(not the high end type) that you would recommend? Sorry that this question is unrelated to your post.

Anonymous said...

Hey...u r one great beef eater man...i think u can just slice the fleah and it eat it raw..