Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dukes' Crunchy Munchies

It's always great when friends or family visit because not only do I "miss" them so, but also because of the fringe benefits of asking them to bring over some of your favorite snacks hehe. Although I'm pretty much a carnivore, I like legumes. Whether it's in the fermented form of tempeh, a lentil-dhal or chickpea curry or blended chickpeas to form hummus, I love them all.

Dukes' Crunchy Munchy is essentially a tasty deep-fried snack with a variety of legumes encased in a crispy batter-matrix. Even the flour used to form the batter is legume-based. From the little closeup above it's easy to spy some popular legumes such as splitpeas, lentils, chickpeas etc.

Another reason why I enjoy eating this is I like to live life on the edge. I'm a sucker for risks. And when I first saw this snack in Perth and its label at the back, I knew I had to go for it haha. I felt so gangsta' eating these.

Stuff that dermatological skin-patch test, if you think you have an allergy, just pop one of these and see what happens. Just make sure that you've already dialed the "99" and have your finger primed on the "5" in case an ambulance is required.



Anonymous said...

The stall that I heard is famous for fishballs is the stall that serves all in purple bowls. It's in a corner facing the Bake Inc. IIRC. I haven't tried as I went for unhealthier fare :P.

Try the Yi Sheng Hokkien Mee and the Yuan Yuan Claypot Rice, both of which I enjoy. My parents find the Claypot Rice ok only (which is better than sucks I suppose), they prefer the famous Geylang claypot but as I tell them, hello, I don't see any of you rushing back to our old house! lol I'm a cheeky one :D They hate commuting.

D said...

Cindy: Funny how you posted this here instead of the ABC one but anyways, I think the one I had MAY have been the fammous one opposite Bake Inc. Unhealthier fare? Are you insinuating that I eat "healthy" *shock* *horror* haha.

Ahh.. my colleague who lives in the East raves about the Geylang claypot rice all the time! But if the one at ABC is just as good, it'll save me abit of traveling fuel.

I've also just read your other post on Cheng Li Yuan. Haha, Dumpling Nazi? I would love to hear him shout "NO DUMPLING FOR YOU! NEXT!" well.. not to me of course haha.

Lastly, I don't think you know J and yes.. apparently I ALWAYS dress the same haha, my wardrobe is pretty much like Ronald's, it's all the same stuff lined up in neat little rows =P

p.s: Ronald's surname is Mcdonald by the way =D