Friday, October 13, 2006

Cheng Li Yuan Again & Again...

After my first post on Cheng Li Yuan, I've had a few requests from friends to bring them there. Plus I have overseas family visiting who read my blog who want to try out the stuff there as well. So I've been there two more times since I last blogged about it and decided to compile both visits in one post. I will concentrate on dishes I did not order before to avoid boring repetition.

Nothing gets my appetite going more than a hearty laugh. After Russell Peters on a Saturday night, a friend suggested to try out that "China" place along Tanjong Pagar Road as it was near the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall where R. Peters was held.

This is sliced cold pork which is basically the pork equivalent of the slice cold braised beef. Quite tasty but I still prefer the beef more because of the finely interlaced tendon which gives it a nice bite.

Shredded pork with popiah skins. This dish was good not only because the shredded pork was a tasty, generous serve but the skins came freshly made! It was still warm when served. I actually enjoyed the skins more than the pork.

This is how you eat it, with the raw spring onion and Peking duck sauce.

We ordered caramelized apple again because my friend was rather amused with my description of it. The batter was better (lame pun haha) this time round, meaning it was a lot thinner and crispier and they served it with ice-cold water. I was more amused than peeved that they didn't sprinkle sesame seeds on it but hundreds and thousands instead. As if I can't tell the difference, what an attempt to pull that bluff off. I didn't even know the general substitution for sesame seeds are hundreds and thousands haha.

Three-cup Chicken, this is a dish that I know how to cook but for some obscure reason don't make it often. For the curious, the three cups are sesame oil, soy sauce and Chinese wine. This was fragrantly tasty and the curry leaves lent a nice aroma. I do wish they had meatier cuts other than just mid-joints though.

I was quite satisfied with the shredded pork and popiah skins previously and decided to give the duck version a shot. This comes at a premium of about 8SGD. Overall, I felt that the shredded pork version was still nicer as the duck was slightly too dry for my liking.

This is how you eat it, with the raw spring onion, cucumber slice and Peking duck sauce. (Hmm this sentence sounds uncannily familiar).

Although I ordered this dish when I first visited Cheng Li Yuan, I did not take a picture of it. This cold dish of century egg and soft beancurd is pretty good in its own right and I decided to do it justice by posting this picture.

If you are in the mood for a dumpling dish but are a bit bored of little dragon buns (xiaolongpaos), the pot stickers here are a good alternative. In fact, the thin and crisp skin encases a filling so juicy that it rivals their little dragon buns.

I think I will give Cheng Li Yuan a short rest for awhile, as I commented to someone previously, "Too much of a good thing is still er.... a bad thing."



Anonymous said...

Re your dumpling soup nazi random thought..that's what happens when you wake up at 6:45am! It's 6:53am here hehe..I'm going back to bed.

I've been giving Cheng Li Yuan a rest but when I'm better, planning to bring my Brit friend there. Can't stop thinking of the egg pastry with red bean paste ever since I saw your previous photo

D said...

cindy: I actually don't wake up at 645am, I have breakfast at 645am. I wake up at 5am haha. Just realised this formula that if I sleep less, I actually have more time for food! You have to stress to them to make the eggwhite pastry less oily though, sometimes it's abit too greasy.