Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gateaux de Voyage

The Japanese have got to be the masters of presentation and packaging. I love receiving gifts from Japan because they're wrapped up as pretty as birthday gifts; I feel like it's my birthday again everytime I unwrap one. Anyway, this little package was bought from a Tokyo train station in Tokyo . What an appropriate name, "Gateaux de Voyage" = "Cakes of Voyage".

I was pretty surprised that this actually tasted as good as it looked. Normally I'm quite disappointed with the taste of some Japanese products because they're created more as feasts for the eyes and not the palate but the outer layer of this cake was moist and light whilst the ganache filling was rich and creamy. This actually tasted like a chocolate twinkie on steroids haha.



Anonymous said...

Oh have you been to Japan? I really fell in love with it and we just had to go back twice.. Not only packaging is number 1.. everything is just number 1~ Hahaha you go to a cafe and there you see a beautiful nice cushion basket at every cafe table .. its atcually for your bags!! How cool is that? Food wise.. some are great, some are just erh ... so-so~

Anonymous said...

I love the way you put it...chocolate twinkie on steroids...:D


D said...

michie: Yes I have but not recent enough though. I want to spend more time in Hokkaido this time, something about being one with nature is rather appealing, nah, I only want to eat fresh seafood haha.

J said...

seriously, its too freaking expensive already.

Anonymous said...

Japan is not as nice as what most tv program portray. The only nice thing i recon are the girls there, most of them are chio, even on the street! hahaha