Monday, September 25, 2006

D Rissoles

As some of you may notice by now, I like to use mince in my dishes. The beauty about mince is that it's easy to prepare just before you need it (which is great when you just get back from work), it does not need to be marinated at all and only needs to be seasoned 20-30mins just before cooking. The rissole fits many definitions but a common factor I seem to see in most of them is the addition of potatoes, hence the "D Rissole" was borned.

1. Minced beef
2. Shredded potato
3. Diced onions
4. Chopped smoked liverwurst (this is really optional but I love the flavor of smoked liverwurst)
5. An egg
6. Rice flour

1. Mixed the minced beef, shredded potato, smoked liverwurst and the egg yolk together
2. Season with salt and pepper
3. Grab a handful and mould into rissole-like structures
4. Smear the surface with egg white and coat it with the rice flour
5. Fry those rissoles!

1. Using semi-chilled beef is easier to mould
2. I got the inspiration to add liver to my minced beef from Uber's 101 burger but I wouldn't waste my foie gras on this
3. You may substitute the liverwurst with some coarse pate if you still want the liver flavor
4. I prefer to use shredded potatoes instead of mashing or blending them because I wanted to preserve some bite

This can be eaten plain but for some reason I paired this with tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise and they went together like old friends.



Anonymous said...

Whoa looks good. I like mince too.. meatballs, pork mince with tofu, keema.. yum!

Anonymous said...

hi D, what do u mean 'welcome to the blogger family'? u left the comment in my blog and i don't quite get u.

D said...

michie: Your tiramisu looks not too bad either.

evan: No worries, I replied on your blog.

Anonymous said...

When do we get to taste the scotch egg and rissoles?