Monday, September 11, 2006

Nam Kee Chicken Rice and Restaurant, Upper Thomson, Singapore

We actually intended to go to Ivins for some peranakan food but saw this along the same row and decided to give it a shot instead. This place at 201 Upper Thomson Rd has been here for a long time and many years ago was non-airconditioned. I'm glad they invested in air-conditioning since.

We ordered a thick fish maw soup and a mixture of their boiled and roasted chicken. Whilst their chicken was not as tender as the braised one at Chew Kee Eating House, it was still better than average. The fish maw soup was thick and had quite alot of shredded chicken in it. This whopper of a bowl which can easily serve four only cost 6SGD. Besides their garlic chilli and soy sauces, they also had grounded ginger as a condiment as well, which was a nice touch.

Their fried morning glory with sambal balacan (preserved prawn paste with chilli) was cooked more in the peranakan style (so we did taste some peranakan food in the end!) that was fragrant and savory instead of being drenched in sweet, spicy chilli sauce which is the other popular variant.

Another side dish of deep-fried prawn cakes and seafood beancurd. A pretty straight forward dish, crispy, salty and greasy.

All in all, Nam Kee delivers a fairly decent meal here. Their chicken rice and side-dishes are not the best I've tasted but definitely far from the worst.


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