Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scotch Eggs by D

Much thanks to the Scots for creating all sorts of deep-fried snacks. Afterall, they deep-fry their Mars bars. Scotch eggs are in summary hard-boiled eggs, coated in mince meat and deep-fried. After trying (in vain) to seek out some Scotch eggs in Singapore, I decided to make them myself, partly because my craving for them was getting almost uncontrollable and it also helps that they're so darn easy make.

1. Four large hard-boiled eggs
2. 250 pork mince (you can use sausage mince if you're lazy to marinate your meat)
3. Two slices of ham
4. Grated parmesan
5. One raw egg
6. Plain rice flour

1. Finely chop the ham slices into little bits and mix it with the pork mince
2. Add salt, pepper and grated parmesan to taste
3. Add in the yolk from your raw egg this helps bind the mince together
4. Mix 1, 2 and 3 evenly
5. Grab an egg and evenly coat it with the mince-mixture

6. Dip the finished mince-coated-eggs in the egg white from the raw egg and then in the flour
7. FRY those balls!

1. Semi-chilled mince is easier to pack around the egg

This is great finger food to go with beer and it doesn't matter if it's scorching hot because you can wash it down with an icy cold beer. After all, you put so much effort into making this you deserve that icy cold one.



Anonymous said...

Very pretty although I'm not so much into eating hard boiled eggs myself. btw, about Tian Tian steamboat, I don't know if a steamboat is the same as a hotpot but the one we tried was their pomfret steamboat, we ordered quite a plain fish or chicken stock but it was rather msg laden and not very tasty.

D said...

I guess XiaoPing's hotpot is abit different from TianTian's since the stock is rather empty. However, I find XiaoPing's hotpot still pretty good because I don't get much MSG symptoms after. Actually I'm not a fan of plain hardboiled eggs either that's why I wanted to spice them up by converting them to Scotch ones haha.

Anonymous said...

Gode cooking if I might say so.

Hard-boiled eggs are none too palatable but a cost-effective source of protein nonetheless.

I am now inspired to fix me some Scotch eggs meself. Why don't you save me the trouble and just send some my way? :oD

I, am Lord D.

Anonymous said...

this looks lovely!! i think i will like it =) thx for sharing the recipe.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes have popiah and invite a friend over. My maid makes it :P. Ingredients are spread out over the table and it's self-assembly but that's when I put slices of hard boiled egg in although I use little if any of the yolk!

D said...

Lord D: Thanks yo! Will make some for you when (if) you get back to Sg

Evan: No worries, I love your baking stuff heaps too.

Cindy: You don't like the yolk because of the "calories" or you just don't like it? As you probably noticed by now, "healthiness" is usually not a priority to me when it comes to food haha. I'll eat anything if it's tasty, a plus if it's healthy too =)

Anonymous said...

so when do we get to taste some scotch eggs?

Greetings from India

Anonymous said...

when do you get to taste these scotch eggs with ice cold beer?

Fashionasia said...

wow!! looks delishh!!
ya saw the fried mars bars thingy on Travel&living when i was in aussie...a must try if i ever visit scotland or was it edinburg?
anyway thanks for the recipe!