Sunday, September 03, 2006

Warong M. Nasir, Killiney Rd, Singapore

I was at Killiney Rd the other day changing the tires on my ride when I suddenly remembered reading about "The best beef rendang " on Joone's blog and decided to look for it. Actually I didn't really look for it, I only asked the boss at the tire shop where it was and he pointed it out to me. This review is technically not a review on Warong M. Nasir but only the beef rendang because I didn't have time to dine in and just ordered some beef rendang to go.

I must admit I thought the place looked abit dodged because it was pretty spiffy and decked out in modern colors. I always have this presumption that a Malay rice store has to be hardcore for her food to taste good. The staff were friendly and efficient and although their card (I covered up the opening hours to avoid mistakes) says they open at 8am, I was informed they only start at 10am.

So I brought my little package of joy home and sat down to indulge. The gravy is very rich and with one taste I could tell they use fresh coconut cream here. None of those canned or tetra-paked cheap excuses here. The meat is extremely tender and despite the coarse meat fibers it was still soft to chew on without being mushy. I ate this straight but I'm sure the fragrant and rich gravy would go excellent with freshly steamed white rice. The only thing I could wish for was that they would use a cut of beef with a little tendon in it (like the one I had in an Indonesian restaurant), that would have elevated this beef rendang to perfection

The beauty about proclaiming this as "The best beef rending" is that it's really sort of open-ended hey. To what extent it is the best, is determined by yourself.

Is this the best beef rendang along Killiney road? Definitely.
Is this the best beef rendang in the city area of Singapore? Possibly.
Is this the best beef rendang in Singapore? Maybe.
Is this the best beef rendang in Asia? Hmm... you get the idea.



Anonymous said...

*haha i loved the last part of your entry...i was laughing so much my cat looked at me with this surprised face :)

thanks and i'll go check the place out!


Sammy said...

wow! I haven't been to this blog in just awhile and BOOM! So much post about yummy foodies! and what a coincidence because we just went to Liang court for the Jap food yesterday. Keep it up!

joone! said...

hey! glad you liked it!