Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bee Cheng Hiang, Singapore

There's one main thing that sets aside Bee Cheng Hiang from the rest of the the bakkwa stores. This is also the reason why I patronize Bee Cheng Hiang. That reason is - Gourmet Bakkwa. Bakkwa is very much like a grilled pork jerky. Traditional bakkwas are made from seasoned minced pork. What sets gourmet bakkwa from the rest is that thin strips of belly pork are used instead of mince. The interlacing of fat and meat creates a nicely caramelized texture which practically melts in your mouth.

The edges are charred just enough to impart a smokey taste without any bitter hints of being burnt. The meat fibres are continuous and the cut is actually very similar to bacon without the rind. Quality doesn't come cheap here though and you do pay a premium of about 1.20SGD per 100g above the traditional bakkwas but that's ok with me because I can't eat too much of this in one sitting and normally just get a 100-200g bag to snack on.



Lord Dianabol said...

That works out to twelve bucks a pop.

Not too bad - it's cheap perhaps!

Anonymous said...

OMG I LOVE the gourmet bakkwa, just tried it last month on my annual visit the family in Singapore trip. Your photographs simply revived the memory of the heavenly first bite and the week kneed feeling. Thanks!!!!