Friday, September 15, 2006

Donuts from The Regent, Singapore

There's something about The Regent; there seems to be some sort of aura about this place that attracts alot of good grub. Iggy's is here, so is TenShin and they have a bar with an excellent selection of Macallan. A nice little (often overlooked) gem here is their bakery "Something To Go". They used to be located at the rear by the little street that runs between Dan Ryan's and The Regent but have since moved to the side, near Camden Medical Center. It's a lot more accessible now and there are five minute parking spots at the front so it's heaps more convenient to stop for awhile and pickup your cakes, breads or pastries.

I don't know about you guys but I'm a BIG fan of donuts. Whenever I see or even think about them, I'll go "Donuts........" *drools Homer style*. It's actually rather bad but I don't see Donuts Anonymous anywhere, so I guess I'll just have to live with this affliction. I get my donut fix at Something To Go, they have one of (if not THE) best donuts in Singapore. You won't get barraged by an orgy of varieties here a la Dunkin or Mr Donut, they even have less choices than Krispy Kreme but what they do, they do most excellent. From left to right is their blueberry custard, chocolate peanut and sugar donuts respectively (and that's all they've got). Although you pay a very slight premium as compared to your neigborhood bakery it's worth the quality and quantity. These donuts are huge and the dough is soft, fluffy and chewy without being crumbly (just how I like them - if that makes any sense). Quality is not skimped on here; the blueberry donut is so obesed with blueberry jam and custard that it literally bursts in your mouth but my old time favorite is still the traditional old school sugar donut, good memories are a special taste by themselves.



Anonymous said...

heyhey~ thanks for visiting my blog! ;D

The donuts look sooo yummy!~ Been a long time since i had one, guess i need to try it out soon!

By the way, how much does one of those cost?

D said...

Sugar goes for 1.20SGD, blueberry and choc-peanut goes for 1.80SGD. Not really that exorbitant really. I wished I started food blogging as early as you though. Keep up your good work too!

Sebastian Ng said...

I don't think I'll say much except drool... MEGA DROOL!!!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

ooh! Donuts! they look so inviting!

kahsean said...

ahh yes, the old school sugar donuts are always the classic.

D said...

Sirles: Need a mop mate? Haha.

Diddy: I accepted their invitation =)

Kahsean: You are most wise, although I still get that occasional craving for the ones with cinammon that you get at Woolies.

Anonymous said...

my friend, you have not had a donut until you have had an Original Glazed HOT Krispy Kreme.

I get my friends to handcarry them in from Sydney or I handcarried them myself from...SEATTLE and I freeze them. Even unfresh they taste better than any other donut I have ever had. They are lightly crisp on the outside, soft melting on the inside. Must have them hot!

But you do have me curious the Regent's donuts. Another place I've heard of as good (but not tried) is Phoenix Hotel's bakery.

Give me a donut with a good coffee anyday!

Anonymous said... I actually don't have a sweet tooth! What I do is I scrape off the glaze but most of my friends will eat it whole. The texture is amazing! And yeah you can't eat it too often or too much at a go :P

There's supposed to be quite nice donuts at Burlington Square too. . Too many donuts..too little time. I guess that leaves me 3 places to try...

And I had to try 3 times with the blogger word verification system because their distorted words are so darn hard to read!

Anonymous said...

The classic donut exemplifies the nothing substance of zen dining. In essence, we are eating the circular void created by the donut. Yet, this void cannot exist but for the ring of donut.

Thus, we ponder those without as we savour the donut within.

I, am Lord D.

Anonymous said...

completely my fault, I relied on my "excellent" memory.

Does anyone else think it looks like summerhoused onut? hehe

I haven't tried it myself despite going to Sim Lim Square quite often :P