Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sun with Moon, Wheelock Place, Singapore

The little alarm bells in my head started ringing the moment I stepped into this joint. It looked like one of those places that placed a greater emphasis on decor and presentation rather than on the food itself but I still went in with an open mind as I've heard quite abit about the desserts and drinks here. I went during that period between lunch and dinner where the menu was limited to only snacks, sweets and drinks which was fine with me because drinks and sweets were what I had in mind. This review only covers some of the sweets and drinks but if these results could be extrapolated to their main courses, I wouldn't be too eager to come back again.

This is their premium green tea which tasted only very average. In fact I've had much better green tea served on the side at Japanese restaurants. But look, it's so pretty! It comes in a little teapot! Yes, sadly it seemed that this trend of "pretty-looking" foods lacking substance carried on with the rest of the items ordered.

Since they seem to have a plethora of dessert options, we decided to go for the sampler platter. I normally order sampler platters in places I've never been to before because I think it's a good way to give them a fair chance and try abit of everything. I swear that brown blob at the bottom-left there is Kings Brand ice-cream (or at least came from the same factory), it tasted exactly like Kings, I would have expected something slightly more premium for the price I paid. The mochis on the top really gave me a good chew, they were the chewiest (almost rubbery) mochis I've ever eaten, the redbean sauce was pretty good though. The fruits and konnyaku jelly were of run-of-the-mill generic quality and the sesame tofu pudding could not come close to the one I had at Tampopo. In fact the black sesame sauce tasted slightly burnt. But boy did everything look pretty.

Upon recommendation we tried their iced green tea latte. A teenybopper's idol best describes this drink - too sweet and thin. It seemed almost as though milk powder was used in this instead of fresh or even UHT milk. But did it look pretty.

Inspired by all the decorations, I decided to make my own little piece of food art above by utilizing the melted ice-cream, black sesame paste and some soy sauce to express how I felt about this experience. Maybe I came on a "bad day" but inconsistency is a poor excuse. I did notice on the menu that they have aburi sushi here, so there's a remote possibility I may come back. If you're looking for some place to get some good, hearty grub, I'm sorry, this isn't the place for you.

BUT if you're a highschool kid wanting to impress your girl (who's on a diet) on a first date? Welcome to your paradise!



Freezy said...

hey.. my fren was telling me that they have this cheesecake in a cage thing that is very good!

but then i tink i would still prefer the cakes from my favourite hangout.. =P

Chill!! it's the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Sun with moon having this current promotion for the "Honey and Clover" dessert?

It's based off the dessert from the "Hachikuro" shop in Japan (which is itself based off an anime) and is supposedly quite good.

Anonymous said...

Aaaah Ive been wanting to try this place. I'm a Wheelock Place fan! Hehehe =) But hey usually pretty things aint that delish .. When I was in japan, most pretty lollies taste crap .. but there are still a lot of yummies! Heheh Im a foodie!

Anonymous said...

Burn the mother-fucking place down I say. I'll tell my homies to avoid this place like the plague.

D said...

Freezy: Yeah I saw that! But there's something about eating a slice of cake that needs to be caged which I find rather disturbing...

random: Hmm not sure. The staff didn't really mention any promotions but I won't be too eager to come back here again. Once bitten...

Michie: Yup, do you remember the good ol' days when it was just Olio at Lane Crawford? Japan is a food heaven, love that place.

Anon: Chill dude!!!

Anonymous said...

This place sucks by offering nonsense food