Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lotte Sunfuds - Chocolate Coated Sunflower Seeds

I've always had a soft spot for the sunflower, I guess it's probably because I like to eat sunflower seeds haha. My preferred method of eating them was shelled and honey-roasted, that was until I came across Lotte Sunfuds, which are basically Korean chocolate coated sunflower seeds. This stuff is so addictive that after awhile you just start eating directly from the packet by putting your lips at the corner and pouring copious amounts into your mouth.

Eating choc-coated sunflower seeds can be fun too. Haha, talk about the ultimate product placement ad! I bought a box of these from overseas because I'm not sure if I can find this in Singapore but I'll go check out that Korean shop at Tanjong Pagar where I get my Jinro from. Well, one pack of chocolate coated sunflower seeds certainly isn't a healthy well-balanced meal; but who's to say that ten packets aren't? Haha.

Since we're on the topic of sunflowers, I thought I'll just share this as well. I was driving through the Orchard strip a few days before the IMF thingy when I saw sunflowers by the verge. "This is so cool." I thought to myself and wound down my window and took a quick shot. But I had my doubts if they could survive in our climate.

This was how they looked like yesterday. Poor little buggers, they didn't even stand a chance...


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