Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mr Prata, Evans Rd, Singapore

Mr Prata is located along Evans Rd, near the hostel Evans Lodge opposite the previous SMU campus. This place used to be called Prata Cafe so I'm not sure if they have undergone a management change or just decided to "genderise" their facility. Having only eaten here once when it was known as Prata Cafe, it's difficult for me to make any comparisons between the two. The only reason why I came here was it's opened 24hrs and at 330am I couldn't think of anywhere else nearby.

Although they claim to be opened 24hrs, they only serve a limited menu during those wee hours. This is almost like misleading advertising (section 54!) in my opinion because what's the point of staying open when almost 80% of your menu is unavailable? All the stir-fry items such as the malay fried noodle and the Northern Indian food were unavailable when I was there at 330am. Luckily, they still had some meats so we ordered the fried chicken which was pretty average. Dry and salty, it did come warm but didn't taste freshly fried so I'm not sure if they re-fried it or zapped it in the microwave.

Continuing the trend of mediocrity was the curry chicken. It was ok, not spectacular but still rather edible. I'm not sure if they water down the sauce to increase the volume or anything here after the witch's hour because it sure tasted diluted.

The only section of the menu that seemed fully available was the "prata section" so we ordered a prata stuffed with minced mutton (known as a murtabak). Yet again it was average, the pastry wasn't crispy enough and the vegetable/fish curry served with it made the chicken curry taste awesome in comparison.

I'm not sure if the quality and standard of the fare here is compromised to keep themselves opened 24hrs but don't expect much here. It is convenient for the hostel crowd and late night clubbers who will eat anything to sober up.



Anonymous said...

They changed the name to Mr Prata so as not to get confused with their other branch Prata Cafe at Upper Thompson area.

My friend is a regular there but had told me the standard dropped after the renovation and name change.

At 3:30am, you can also try Spize along River Valley Road. 6pm to 6am, always hopping with people. Very near my place. Teh quite reliable.

But Casuarina Curry beats both in terms of prata, too bad they're not 24 hours. More of a breakfast thing for me!

Anonymous said...

Mr Prata is a new company, not related to the previous Prata Cafe.
There's another outlet of Mr Prata at Tampines, near TPJC.

Both 24 hrs and offer the same food.

Try their Italian Prata, which is just like pizza. That one rocks!