Friday, September 08, 2006

Block 38 #01-42, Beo Crescent, Singapore

The first time I've been here was years ago so I'm rather ashamed I don't even know the name of this coffeeshop (not the Starbucks type). This place serves some tasty curry rice and fishball noodles early in the morning. It's opened as early as 6:45 to 7am, which is ideal for breakfast after my morning run. I mean afterall, why waste all that exercise?

This store sells Hainanese curry rice, which is a variant of the "economy" rice stores out there. Basically you're confronted with an array of side-dishes and you mix and match whichever you choose. As you can see from the spread, some quintessential Hainanese curry rice dishes are present such as the red colored fried pork chop bits, the chicken chop and the various curries and braised sauces.

So spread out before me was my breakfast. I love this store's steamed meatball (bottom-center) because he does not add any flour or any other annoying filler such as preserved vegetable into it. It's just a pure, unadulterated, fatty, minced pork ball.

A special mention needs to be said for their pork chop. There isn't really much meat within the crispy battered coating, in fact, what lies within is so much more sinful and hence tastier. The pork chop is essentially very fatty (almost pure lard bits) cuts of pork, seasoned and deepfried Each piece is just a little fragrant morsel waiting to be chewed on.

But hey, where's the rice? You see, I'm always sort of in a dilemma when I'm here because even though I wouldn't mind eating my Hainanese curry rice the traditional way i.e. with a plate of rice drowned in mix sauces, I love this guy's fishball noodles too much.

He uses good quality (crunchy) fishballs and adds in the token meatball. I love the token meatball. In addition he doesn't mind custom-orders. Mine's usually with extra crispy lard bits and black vinegar (the vinegar dissolves the lard so it's all healthy haha).

Lastly, for the coffee fans, this place serves a pretty fragrant and thick cuppa. I don't drink it often because I'm more of a tea person but on the rare occasion that I do, it has always been satisfying.



Anonymous said...

Does it open on sunday? If yes do you know what time it close for the day?

D said...

Yes they do open on Sundays. If I'm not wrong they only serve breakies and lunches i.e. 630ish to about 1-2ish.
Sorry, really not so sure about the lunch closing hours because I've only had breakies there.