Friday, September 08, 2006

Deep-fried Vietnamese Springrolls

Quite a few years ago, I had the honor and privilege to live with a Vietnamese family. Throughout my stay, I was fortunate enough that their matriarch would teach me how to prepare some traditional Vietnamese foods. Deep-fried Vietnamese springrolls are as great a starter to any meal or even just as a snack by itself. She used to make a few thousand of these daily (by hand mind you!) to sell in order to put her kids through college (respect) so she rolls them like a machine.

1. Springroll skin (I use the small sized ones)
2. Minced pork
3. Shredded cabbage
4. Shredded carrot
5. Bean vermicelli (the original recipe used rice vermicelli but by accident I found that bean vermicelli gives a nicer bite)

1. Pre-soak the bean vermicelli till slightly soft
2. Mix the minced pork, shredded cabbage, carrot and bean vermicelli together. Season with salt and pepper.
3. Put a small amount of filling mixed in 2. onto the springroll skin and roll away!
4. Leave a little shredded carrot behind to add to the sauce

1. When I'm in the mood to make springrolls, I normally go crazy and make a few hundred and store them in my freezer. That way I can just take them out and fry them for a quick snack
2. You can use a variety of edible adhesives to seal your springrolls. Some of my friends swear by egg white but I normally use a partially cooked rice starch mixture

If followed properly, the springrolls should taste 80% there. The last 20% goes to the sauce. This is where I cheat because I use a bottled sweet fish sauce which I buy in bulk from the Vietnamese stores in Australia. If anyone can find this in Singapore, please let me know?


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