Friday, September 22, 2006

Istimewa Nasi Padang, Hoy Fatt Rd, Singapore

A family member introduced me to this place a few years ago when I was back in Singapore for a holiday and I've been a fan ever since. Located in a rather secluded location at Block 28, Hoy Fatt Road, Istimewa Nasi Padang has been satisfying my Malay mixed curry rice cravings for some time now.

This place really gets the crowds going especially on weekdays where you get alot of office people queuing up for their plate of scrumptious nasi padang. Probably the dish I love the most here is their ayam goreng (fried chicken) and I'll happily wait by the side to make sure I get a piece that is freshly fried. The batter is really thin and the crispiness of the skin just speaks for itself. After perforating the skin, you sink your teeth into juicy succulent chicken. The chicken here is well-thawed too and fried till they are no traces of residual blood.

Most of their other dishes are in qualities far exceeding average. The beef rendang is not bad too and gives the one at Warong M.Nasir a run for its money. The fried lung could have been drier and saltier though because I like mine like a jerky. This place only opens for lunch and you probably won't get much of anything left after 2PM. Don't expect any fancy decor in this joint, but instead bask in the joys of old school coffeeshop dining with plastic stools. foldable tables and heaps of sweat.



Anonymous said...

wow, I've heard about this place and wanted to go but then they only open for lunch! How come you are so free to lunch on weekdays..hehe

Are they open on Sundays coz that's the only time my family may have lunch together. I suspect you live near me..I'm at River Valley area, you?

I'll probably be going ABC Market for claypot with friends tonight and Hokkien Mee, maybe I'll see you there ;)

Sammy said...

Hey D. Checking your blog has become an addictive habit of mine. Theres good stuff coming up everyday!

Anonymous said...

ABC kiam cai cha lo ti, lo ti bo ho jia, ah ma bang sai ho le jia!

From India

D said...

Cindy: They're opened on Saturday arvos too. Hmm, yes, I do live rather close to you but then again Singapore is such a tiny island so everywhere's pretty close heh. I wasn't at ABC last night, went to old school zichars at Fatty Weng's. Stay tuned for my review!

Yummie Dummies: Thanks for the note dude. I've been almost religiously trying to update my page at least once a day.

Anon: huh?

Anonymous said...

The food standard in ABC market drop alot. Maybe ABC market will replace by CDE market soon...sad...

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the Fatty Weng near Badminton Hall? Coz my dad was just saying over the weekend how we must go and try that..he didn't think of that when we lived in the East though. hah!

Will be waiting for your review but there's so much food to try for me in this area still!

Anonymous said...

D, just realised you said they're open on "Saturday arvos" when I was asking about Sunday? And what is an arvos?