Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Baked Tim Tam Cheesecake with Ganache & Baileys

I love Tim Tams, Baileys and Cheesecake, so what better way to celebrate these wonderful gifts from God than to combine them together for an indulgent and decadent dessert?

1. Cheesecake mix
2. Chocolate ganache
3. Biscuit base
4. Chopped Tim Tams
5. Baileys Irish cream
6. Double thick cream

1. Pour a layer of cheesecake mix onto a biscuit base
2. Daftly (in the Scottish sense haha) place some chopped Tim Tams over the first layer
3. Pour on another layer of cheesecake mix

4. Bake covered with foil at 180degC (non fan-forced) for about 20 minutes
5. Remove foil and bake at 150degC till light brown

6. Cool till room temperature and pour over a layer of chocolate ganache

7. Cool chocolate ganache till room temperature before placing in the refrigerator to chill-harden

8. Whisk double thick cream with desired amount of Baileys (more for me haha) and spread a layer ontop the hardened ganache
9. Decorate by sieving cocoa powder over desired cut-out motif
10. Chose a cat for this because it was for a friend's (who likes cats) birthday

This cross-sectional image illustrates each layer of indulgence you'll encounter when you sink your choppers into this.



Lord Dianabol said...

Looking good stud, looking good.

An extra splash of Bailey's on one of them slices isn't going to hurt either :oD

Chocolate Reindeer said...

D, looks great. How come you don't need to use a water bath to bake this? I always thought baked cheese cakes were done that way?

D said...

lady dianabol: Baileys is good with anything mate.

zen: Yes, initially that's what I thought as well. The use of a boiling water water-bath is employed primarily to prevent over-drying and hence cracking of the surface layer because baked cheesecakes are essentially flourless and lack baking soda or any other conventional ingredients used in breads or cakes. I found out by chance (and laziness) that covering the cake in the initial bake with foil allows it to "steam" in its own moisture before browning it at a lower temperature after about 20-30minutes. If some cracks do appear (as I did get with mine), that's where the ganache comes in =D, I not only use toppings to enhance the flavor of the cake but also to hide any surface flaws hahaha. But hey, I'm honest about it =P

Junie said...

u no good. u no good. u no good. i dun bake and theres no where i can buy this! u no good!!!

D said...

junie: No good doesn't necessarily mean "bad" right? =P

Junie said...

LOL. anyway, it looks delicious!