Friday, February 09, 2007

Chocolate Tim Tam Cheese Cupcakes with Poached Fruit

As I don't normally measure how much of what I need when I bake, I'm normally left with some leftovers. Some of these are easy to take care of, such as the ganache which can be freezed and used later on but the cheesecake mix has to be used up. So here I was with some ganache and cheesecake mix and decided to mix the two together to form a chocolate cheesecake mix.

1. Cheesecake mix
2. Chocolate ganache
3. Tim Tams

1. Mix some ganache into the cheesecake mix
2. Pour a little of the mix on to the cupcake liner before placing the Tim Tam chunk (similar to the "surprise" cheese cupcakes)

3. Cover the Tim Tam chunk with more mix

4. Continue with the rest of your assembly line

5. Baked in at about 160degC (non-fanforced) till top looks brown, loses its gloss and looks slightly "crusty"

6. Cool at room temperature

These smelled so good that I couldn't resist popping one whilst it was still warm. The warm and soft Tim Tam in the middle oozes out with sweet chocolatey flavor almost like a lava chocolate cake.

Since I was actually serving these for a dinner party, I decided to pimp up this dessert with some poached fruit.

1. Dried fruit
2. Sugar
3. Sweet and dry wine

1. Pour some of each wine plus the sugar into some dried fruit and bring slowly to a boil
2. Stir frequently, the wine and sugar and fruit should produce a sauce that is very slightly gelatinous, like a thin jam
3. I used a dry red and a red lambrusco for this, the sugar is added to taste so you may add more if you have a sweeter tooth

4. Cool at room temperature

5. Decorate and serve

Tip: The little pattern around the cake was created with the sauce from the poached fruit.

And there we have it, the last cheesecake recipe in D's four-part series. Baking should never be stressful or difficult, it's actually alot of fun, especially when there's heaps of chocolate nibbling and wine drinking in betweeen heh.



Senor Pablo said...

Hi D.. this is so interesing... Bunny is my domestic goddess.. Will get her to see ur blog...Oh! I found your blog thro Eleanor.. Will definitely link your blog to mine.. cheers...

Unknown said...

Wow D! You're really on a roll here. You're just putting me to shame. I belong to the lowly echelons of the instant cake mix group.

Lucky guests!

eve910 said...

if eyes could eat, i think i'd be 10kg overweight now :S

D said...

juan pablo fernandez: Thanks mate. A lot of my "recipes" are experiments of my own haha. It's definitely not what you'll get from a "professional" but it'll taste good that's for sure =D

jas: I've tried instant cake mix before and wasn't successful at it! =( too many instructions to follow I reckon haha.

eve910: Hey Gen, nice of you to drop by, nah, you'll never get fat =) Send my regards to Ian.

Unknown said...

It's the last 'episode' already? Any more delicious series to come?

D said...

angie: Unfortunately for my four-part cheesecake series, this is my last episode. But I'll continue to put up the occasional recipe every so often so stay tuned for the "Next Episode". (Cue Dr DRE haha)