Saturday, February 17, 2007

Helio Cafe IV, Marina Square, Singapore

This is the fourth appearance of Helio Cafe on this blog since my first impromptu visit and the subsequent chocolate and strawberry themed weeks. We started off with a pie-tee (crispy batter shells) entree which was quite delicious.

And the pork-wrap again marinated slightly from the first one but still very delectable.

Another variant of the baked chicken, always tender and welcomed.

The baked salmon with saffron infused cream sauce is almost a regular on my menu...

and so is the beef with red-wine sauce. If it did seem that I was rushing through the mains, that may be quite accurate because as nice as the mains that Helio does provide, their desserts really take the cake (no pun intended).

Fridge-set mandarin cheesecake on an oreo cookie base; very light with a citrus tang. Helio's cheesecakes don't make you feel bloated or stuffed if you eat too much. Which is good, because then, you can eat too much haha.

The green tea mochi cheesecake tasted a tad bit heavier than the mandarin one but the use of Chinese green tea instead of Japanese green tea was still quite a refreshing change.

A hibiscus version of the strawberry filo-pastry bake we had the last time. The contrast of the hot and crisp pastry and cold cream interior was still very well-done.

Baked orea cheesecake, pure indulgence in a slice.

Clement was kind enough to let us sample some Indonesian cakes that his friend bought back from Indonesia (by the way, these were from his personal stash i.e. not for sale). The Indonesian layered cake had to be one of the most fragrant and moist ones I've had.

The Indonesian baked yeast cakes were also incredibly aromatic without being too sweet. There was also a nice citrus scent to this which added a nice twist instead of just straight-forward sweetness.

The almond biscotti we sampled was so good that we bought a tub for Chinese New Year.

Last but not least these pine-apple tarts were quite excellent as well, with that melt-in-your-mouth sensation. If I'm not wrong, they are closed over the Chinese New Year holidays but may open their kitchen for private bookings.



Lord Dianabol said...

The mains are looking sexy!

That steak with red wine jus....

The chicken in the pastry looks awesome too!!!

Anonymous said...

KNNCCB so fucking awesome, nbcb...ok tts all is my comment...