Sunday, June 03, 2007

Chin's Noodle House, Perth, Australia

To my dismay, Emperor's Kitchen is being closed for a month due to management issues, so I headed to Chin's next-door to satisfy my snowcrab cravings.

Of course, one can't just eat crab alone. The salt and pepper squid here is pretty good. A tad bit salty but that's ook with me. Love the garlic bits in this.

I'm pretty sure Shanghai beef is some pseudo-Chinese dish because I've never seen this before in Shanghai. It's pretty much like sweet and sour pork but with beef instead and a slighty more tangy edge. Not too bad really. Great to whet the appetite.

The obligatory rabbit food for the meal was Chinese spinach cooked with three types of egg. They do it pretty good here, reminded me of the one I had at Canton Wok.

Now for the star of show, where this 2.5kg baby changed from this into...

this. We had it cooked with superior stock and had some noodles thrown in to soak up all that flavorsome goodness.

I'm not a big crab person but I like snowcrabs. The shell is soft and relatively easy to take apart and the flesh is sweet, soft, flakey and almost scallop-like in texture.


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