Friday, June 22, 2007

Mango Sticky Rice D Style

Thailand is a country of very delicious foods. One of the dishes that I love is the mango and sticky rice dessert which struck me as being so yummy but yet so simple. This is my version; pimped up a little.

1. Shredded coconut
2. Coconut sugar
3. Gula Malacca (Malaccan palm sugar)
4. Glutinous (sticky) rice
5. Coconut juice
6. Coconut cream
8. Mango
9. Brown sugar
10. Pandan leaves
11. Banana leaves

1. Cook the sticky rice with the coconut juice (i.e. the "water" found in the coconut, not coconut milk) and pandan leaves

2. Start packing a small bowl by first adding some shredded coconut

4. Followed by some coconut sugar

5. Pack some sticky rice and throw in a generous chunk of gula Malacca and fill up the rest with more sticky rice

6. Steam the rice cakes for about twenty minutes, covered with a piece of banana leaf

7. In the meantime, start cooking up the sauce
8. Combine some of the coconut water with brown sugar, gula Malacca
9. I threw in some chopped up coconut flesh from the fresh coconut I bought but this is optional

10. Add in coconut cream, simmer till desired viscosity is obtained

Serve the rice cake hot with a cool slab of Thai mango on the side.

How could we forget the sauce that we left simmering?

After the rice cake is steamed, it creates a nice colored multi-layer effect. The hidden surprise being that melted chunk of gula Malacca oozing out when you break into it.



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Hello D, as always, when u cook, the dishes always turn out great :)

D said...

Camemberu, Angie: Thanks!