Friday, June 29, 2007

New Lucky Claypot Rice, Clementi, Singapore

I've heard about this place a few times and decided to set my heart on coming down tonight.

This place is very popular and supposedly you may have to wait for up to 40 minutes before your claypot is served. Thankfully, my friend had the foresight to make an advanced order thus we waited for only about five minutes before this was plonked down on our table.

The claypot rice is cooked traditionally in over charcoal and all the ingredients of chicken, salted fish and assorted Chinese sausages are stacked above it.

The larger chunks of chicken are first removed and the preparation of the rice is pretty much self-serviced. First we add a dash of oil.

Followed by a drizzle of thick, black soy sauce.

Then we stir the hell out of it.

And finally, add back the chunks of chicken that we removed earlier on. Well, I don't know if it was the lack of salted egg yolk but I felt that this was abit of a let-down. It definitely wasn't the worst I've had but perhaps I had built up too high expecatations for this. In the end I still felt that Old Mother Hen's was better.

To continue on with the trend of mediocrity were some satays from a stall in the same coffeeshop. At 50 cents a pop, I would have expected something pretty good but in the end this just tasted sweet.

The salad porkribs from the zi char were just too slimy and gooey.

And the seafood beancurd; completely unremarkable.


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