Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hanami, Perth, Australia

The last time I was at this joint at 685c Beaufort St, Mt Lawley was when they were known as Asahi. I wondered why they changed their name, was it because they served Kirin? I just hoped the food was still decent.

The takoyaki was not bad. A little bit more chewy than the food court ones, the mayonnaise came on the side but I do wished they served these with bonito flakes as well.

The grilled shishamo was pretty good. Not too dry and not oversalted either. This tasted pretty fresh.

The tobiko sushi was pretty good. Very generous heap and not too salty too.

The seaweed sushi was not very memorable. But it's vegetarian, so it must be healthy and like the tobiko, the seaweed topping was very generous.

The tamago sushi had the right flavor and texture but was just very slightly to dry for my liking. I tend to be quite particular about tamago, it's the basic thing and it has to be done right.

The unagi sushi was the star of the sushi show tonight. The slab of unagi on this was succulent, tasty, juicy and huge-as. Luckily for me, she doesn't eat unagi; something about how unagi increases testosterone levels? Can anyone verify this?

To make sure there was enough protein, we rounded up the savories with a platter of teppanyaki beef. Pretty tender and decent meat, not too overcooked which was good.

For dessert, we went for the hazelnut mocha.

Which is pretty much vanilla ice-cream with a core of coffee ice-cream and some chocolate sauce drizzled on it. Not too bad really, a pretty sweet way to end off the meal.



kahsean said...

haha i would have to say out of all that food you were typing abt; i would have only gone for the hazelnut icecream =D

Unknown said...

D,just bear with me but how do you manage to snap all those great photos at restaurants full of people? Isn't it awkward? Did you request special permission or something?

Sometimes I wanted to take a couple of shots but it feels so strange and paiseh ...

D said...

kahsean: You really need to be more adventurous with food =P

jas: When I call to make the reserves, I normally request for a quieter more private corner. If not, just do it unbashfully =D