Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eng Kee, Commonwealth Drive, Singapore

A friend brought me here to have supposedly Singapore's "best" fried chicken wing. Nestled in a pretty run-down corner coffeeshop at Blk 117 Commonwealth Drive is Eng Kee, which draws a pretty decent queue as early as slightly after 5pm.

So there we have it, a platter of fried chicken wings. To be honest, I found these decently good. They were crisp, savory and the flesh within was quite juicy but I wasn't blown away by them either. It could have been that they were only warm (not piping hot) and I was feeling slightly under the weather that evening (boy do I miss colder temperatures). Nevertheless, for only a dollar a pop, this is great drinking grub. I'll come back again when I'm feeling better and request for some freshly fried ones to give it a fair go.

There's another stall in the coffeeshop that does rojak and grilled stuffed beancurd fritters so we ordered some to balance the meat.

This was pretty good at the start as the skin was grilled crisp and the beansprouts and cucumber bits had a nice fresh crunch. But after quite a few, that sweet sauce started becoming slightly overwhelming. Then again, it could have just been me not being entirely 100% that evening.


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