Monday, June 25, 2007

Yakader Muslim Food, Tekka Food Center, Singapore

I love Little India, the sights, the sounds and flavors of all the food available. It just feels so marvellously ethnic. This little stall in Tekka Food Center always garners a pretty long queue and after having a taste of their briyani, I can see it was pretty well-justified.

The curried chicken is aromatic, fragrant, spicy and tasty all at once. The texture of the flesh complemented its flavor nicely being tender and succulent.

The fried chicken is like a fried variant of tandoori chicken. It's more savory than spicy but still, the dried and salty meat was right up my alley.

Long grain basmati rice with two chunks of chicken and a generous pour of curry (that's a slab of mutton briyani in the middle by the way). This was an indulgence worthy of the queue.

Nothing's better to end off the meal and chill from the blazing afternoon sun than a ice-cold glass of unsweetened mango lassi. A great gustatory hit for under 10sgd, I see myself coming back quite often.



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. D

After countless of wonderful reviews and great photos on slabs of meatie-edibles, would you ever consider go eat and do a review some Veggie restaurants? Of coz, meeh ain't asking ya to go eat some Mock chicken / duck / goose / charsiew, but a decent veggie restaurant where they serve you veggie in its original form... wanna do it?
By the way, check this out -> Not sure if you would even look at these donuts coz you re such a big fan of KK's and good baker yourself.
175 Bencoolen St
#01-05 Burlington Square

Go check it out if you are along Bencoolen St. There's a good Dim Sum cafe opposite the donut shop buidling too!

Victor's Kitchen
91 Bencoolen Street
Sunshine Plaza
10.30am to 8pm
Closed on Mondays

D said...

Anon: Thanks for the tips. Hmm... well as you can see I'm not an ultra fan of vegetarian food but if I do come across one that piques my curiosity enough, I'll give it a shot. I actually like Annalakshmi at Chinatown point. They used to be at Excelsior Hotel.

J said...

"hey i wanna give 5 bucks only, can return me the change?"

eat all you can Annalakshmi.hahaha