Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Korean Ice-Creams, Perth, Australia

I walked passed the Hi-Mart at 113 Collins Rd, Willeton (where Taurus is) and decided to pop in for some ice-cream. A cold snack befitting the cold weather. I'm sure you can find these in Singapore too.

This wafer-like lattice structure encases some pretty tasty coffee ice-cream.

I think the overall flavor was supposed to be more like mocha because the middle bit tasted pretty chocolatey.

This is a pretty fun one I had in Korea.

It's like one of those Japanese taiyaki snacks.

And like those taiyaki snacks, there's azuki paste in this too. Coupled together with the smooth vanilla ice-cream, this made quite the cold tasty treat.



Anonymous said...

That looks really unique! Like instant waffle+ice cream. (:

Does it taste good? The waffle part doesn't look crispy though~

Unknown said...

Hey D! Just wanted to tell you that I will submit your donut and chix viet-do recipes to Rhian's school today. In any case, I'll give them your blog url to publish (if they can do that). Thank again!

Pity abt Emperor's Kitchen. Chin's Noodle House doesn't look too bad actually.

I've eaten quite often at the Singapore Hawker restaurant nearby but have only been to this Korean supermart like twice only! You seem to have a knack for sourcing out the uncommon eh.

wanderinrhapsody said...

I love the fish ice cream! Haven't seen them in the Korean supermarkets here in Singapore though...drats..you're making me gian..=(

kahsean said...

hey thats looks yummy =) gonna try after exams ehhe

D said...

girl: Nope, it wasn't crisp but still tasted pretty good.

jas: Cool. Yeah, I hope that Emperor's Kitchen sorts out their management issues soon. Chin's was pretty good that time actually. I've tried Singapore Hawker as well, it's not too bad.

wanderinrhapsody: replied on your blog

kahsean: Go to the Korean store in Vic Park. Buy 3 get 1 free!!!