Friday, June 01, 2007

Toni Talia, Perth, Australia

Toni Talia is what dreams are made of; if you dream of pizza like I do of course. The inspiration for me to make my own pizzas, I've eaten this joint's pizza for more than 10 years.

Sure there isn't a wood-fired oven and the pizzas aren't hand-tossed but if you taste the pizzas, you'll agree with me that the frills are just bordering on pedantic.

Look at them stack on those toppings.

Now this is what I call a meatlovers pizza. With the added garlic oil and chilli flakes for that added kick, this is certainly a carnivore's dream.

They do the crust nice and thin, just the way I like it.

Steve's Special was the direct influence for D's Special. The black olives, anchovies and fresh tomatoes on this slice of heaven was just the thing for the cool late Autumn chill.

Just to keep things clean, we ordered the Alfonso's special which is basically a Hawaiian with the addition of onions and shrimp. Although this has still quite a good hit of cheese, believe me, she was as innocent as an angel when paired with the former two.

They've started doing homemade pastas here as well but they're not very good at all. Give this bummer a miss.

Toni Talia, home to awesome pizzas, satisfied customers and three large for AUD24.90 specials.



Anonymous said...

I think there is a Spizza opening near us at Beo Crescent, they do deliveries now. Anyway my favourite pizzas are now at Buono Pizza Bar, they're so thin and crisp, even the edges are yummy and light but just as important, they keep the cheese and toppings a moist mix.

btw, lol 30bucks..buys me several thick tenderloin steaks with enough meat leftover for my own handchopped tenderloin Four Seasons not tempting.

kahsean said...

ooo d pics look great!
dominos r still d best bt i shud gve it a try ay!

Anonymous said...

Good old memories at this place...

Anonymous said...

i love thin crusted pizzas too~ those pizza hut kinds really aren't satisfying at all. :p

i think i would like the steve's special! so many colours~~

Unknown said...

wowwwww... scrumilicious ...

Oh D, I'm sorry to hear that Emperor's Kitchen is closed for the month!!!!!!! That's a real dampener! Awwwwwwwwwwww .....

But hey, you found lots of great eats. Nothing stands in the way of a die-hard foodie eh.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what would I do for a slice of that pizza now... :D

- grace

D said...

cindy: Still trying to overcome the price-profit thing for pizzas in Singapore, maybe I've applied your tenderloin burger theory to it =P

kahsean: You're a South-sider, you should try them. Dominos is..... hardly edible haha!

kingkong: winter aye?

girl: Well, you'll love the steves for more than just the colors. But that explosion of flavors! =D

jas: They said it was for kitchen renovations but I got the inside-news that it's really management and partnership problems. Hope they pull through.

grace: fly there for some? =P

Anonymous said...

Steve's Special is exactly that - a special pizza. Heaven on dough. If I was going to die from gorging myself on pizza - that's the way i'd wanna go!

ChovyChap 2008