Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Old McDonald had a farm... well not anymore

Back to the good old college days of personalized burgers, we created the "McDonald Farm Burger" after quite a bit of late-night drinking. They don't give you second looks here in Australia, you just pay the difference that's all.

The Farm Burger pretty much tries to contain every animal possible within the burger bun. So here we have a quarter pounder, fillet o' fish and McChicken patty stacked together. A slice of cheese was thrown in for completeness' sake.

Since we don't get quarter pounders back in Singapore anymore, I had to get one for nostalgia as well. Not really one actually, this is the triple quarter pounder.

There is so much cow in this, I could have sworn I heard "moo" when I took that first bite.



J said...

looks damn unhealthy...but i like.

zhengning said...

I see D with a new profile picture!

Oh, quarter pounder, haha. I rmb when i was in sec2, we were given a list of ingredients from the mac's quarter punder through the internet, and were ask to substitue the ingredients. (cos too much meat i think?)

Haha, but smth like this occasionally is yum. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Interesting customizable Mac burger, will try here with additional pork patty.

LiquidShaDow said...

I would hate to deal with the baffled expressions if I ever ask for something like those there. but it sure looks good.

D said...

jason: That makes two of us.

zhengning: I guess "occasionally" is the keyword.

king kong: Go try and tell me how it goes.

liquidshadow: Just speak firmly and clearly and maintain eye-contact haha.

red fir said...

i like that last sentence. can i steal it? :)