Thursday, May 03, 2007

Heng Ler Seafood Restaurant, Havelock Road, Singapore

Since I was still pretty full from lunch, I decided to keep dinner clean by indulging in some Teochew porridge. And what else would a place called "Heng Ler Seafood Restaurant" serve besides Teochew porridge?

This was the little spread for the evening.

I had to order this the moment I saw it. Faux sweet and sour pork where luncheon meat (Asian spam) is used instead of pork. This reminded me so much of the "sweet and sour porks" sold in those budget mixed-rice stalls years ago. The chunky potato bits also added a nice bite to this dish.

Thinly sliced Chinese sausage. Greasy, salty and slightly sweet. Just the thing for porridge.

Minced pork fried with preserved black beans and chili bean paste. As you can see from the ratio of "white bits" in this mince, you know it's going to be unhealthily tasty.

Braised pork belly, this stuff is so layered with fat that it practically melts in your mouth and requires minimal chewing.

An assortment of braised beancurds is always amusing.

A thick braised gravy is provided for stirring into your plain porridge, just to give it that little extra flavor.

I love this. Sitting by the road, tucking into some local grub, listening to some elderly gentlemen across the street playing the two-stringed Chinese violins. I'm a simple man with simple needs and I got my Teochew porridge in the end, not sure about the "keeping it clean" part though haha.



eve910 said...

eee!! eeee!!! i think i went to this place! they have sum sorta like buffet style thingy thing right the duck is nicEE got pics of HK celebrities on the wall with the owner in the other shop rite? kekeke i'm so excited cos this mite be the 1st post where i actually did go to the place u reviewed :D :D :D

D said...

eve: heya, Yup, I think you're right. I didn't try the braised duck though, maybe next time. Your blog has gone private? Are you going to set up a separate Kuching foodblog? =D

Lord Dianabol said...

Mate, you are hardcore to the max!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which stall this is but I'm sure I've passed by this place many times as I used to take a bus from work that went along Havelock Rd and stopped at Beo Crescent. There's a famous teochew porridge along this stretch that is kinda unhygienic so my family doesn't eat there anymore but if we feel like porridge, we love the taiwanese porridge at ABC market! yummy hot freshly fried stuff. Great chai poh omelet and veg and cockles. yum!

D said...

lady dianabol: Hardcore is the only way to go.

cindy: It's probably this one! I know hygiene is an issue sometimes but if it makes you feel any better, I have some friends who work in classy restaurants and you don't want to know what happens in the kitchen either haha. I tried that ABC place, but their prawn paste chook was just too pink for my liking, not raw-pink but like coloring-pink!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, the abc porridge, I've never tried their prawn paste. I find ka soh and sin hoi sai (tiong bahru) the best and no. 5 (the pub). for the porridge, i think you have to stick to classics like omelet, cockles, veg, salted veg, fish in black bean paste..darn I'm making myself hungry.

AND right after my comment, my mom mentioned to me someone had recommended heng ler at havelock to her before I had a chance to mention it! my family went last night and said it was rather good. they da baoed hokkien mee (I like the sin hoi sai one but this is pretty good) and or nee for me. lol or nee looked fattening, I think a lot of oil..but my dad who is an or nee fan said it's real good. a touch sweeter than my ideal but good.

D said...

cindy: Really? You mean Heng Ler Seafood IS another place which DOES do seafood? I saw a box of their cards in this Teochew porridge place so I naturally assumed this was THEIR card hahaha! I need to make an amendment on the address then, well it's all along the same street though.

Anonymous said...

Turns out I was completely mistaken D, my family has been eating at another teochew restaurant along here and it's not a porridge place. Funnily enough, I finally went with them but I can't remember the name either :P