Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nando's, Perth, Australia

The first time I've had a taste of the world-wide Nando's franchise was in Australia. I've heard of Singaporeans traveling to Malaysia to get their peri-peri (Portuguese chilies) fix but I've never tried it anywhere else but in Australia.

The hotness of the chickens come in a few degrees. I'm not sure how many there are because I usually just go for the max anyway. The chickens are marinated for at least 24hrs in a common marinade and basted with the peri-peri sauce of the desired hotness when ordered.

Here is a serve of "medium hot" chicken. As you can see, it's a lot less redder than the extra hot version and as such had a lot less kick as well. One thing good about these birds is that they're flamed grilled, creating a nice charred and smoky taste.

The sides of rice and potato salad were pretty decent as well.

The main reason why I dine at predominantly the Nedlands outlet is that they are one of the few branches in Perth that serves grilled chicken livers in peri-peri gravy. This stuff is excellent for liver lovers. They provide some pita breads for you to soak up all that kickass gravy as well.

I hope this franchise finds the shores of Singapore pretty soon. It'll be quite a refreshing change from KFC.



Sammy said...

Were u back in Australia? Where's the address of this place? Gotta check it out... kinda getting sick of charcoal chicken

Anonymous said...

finally caught up with your posts, still as carnivore and innard loving as ever!

never knew that you are a donut lover too~ ;p

reading your posts on chicken suddenly reminds me of popeye's buttermilk biscuits.. those were sooooo good! *drools*


D said...

YD: It's just along Stirling Highway, near Chelsea's Pizza. They have branches over most parts of Perth actually. Subiaco has a pretty nice one as well along Hay St.

bbg: Yo! I've loved donuts like since forever; even before the "craze" started in Singapore. Yup, buttermilk biscuits with the jam and butter or even just on their own. Totally awesome, reminds me of scones...

kahsean said...

ahhah omg the livers looks "ahem". nt a fan of em lol
BUTT i stilll love nandos =D

Sonicstarburst said...


I believe there was a Nandos in Singapore previously but it closed down.

I lived in Perth for a year and have loadsa family that have migrated there. You've just tempted me to go visit them!

D said...

kahsean: Livers are an acquired taste =P

sonicstarburst: Heya, nice to hear from you again. Perth is only about 4.5hrs away, great for little getaways. I shuttle between Singapore and Perth because I've got heaps of family here as well =)

Anonymous said...

i wrk at nando's in england n u will find tht nando's is not a franchice it is family owned ............. jus thort ad make it clear x

Anonymous said...

Nandos stores in Perth - all are franchised - some are owned by head office in Melbourne - some are independently owned.