Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cicerello's, Perth, Australia

Fremantle or "Freo" as she's affectionately called by Western Australians was actually the first city in Western Australia. Today, it still operates a rather busy port but is also home to the vibrant local arts scene, historical museums and a really kickass fish and chips - Cicerello's.

The oysters here are freshly shucked before they are battered and deepfried, so they still taste extremely juicy and fresh.

You can't go wrong with some calamari.

The mixed seafood platter offers a variety of fish, shrimp, calamari and a battered pineapple ring. A good option if you want to sample a bit of everything. Oh, and of course it comes with heaps of chips which need that generous scatter of salt and sprinkle of vinegar.

Although snapper is the default fish that is given, I've always liked it over the other fish. It's flakily moist, firm without being tough and tender enough to complement its crisp batter.

Cicerello's now has a gelato bar. Pistachio and tiramisu gelati, a sweet way to conclude this little seafood feast.



kahsean said...

sweet! my friends n i r heading down to freo for d famous fish n chips aftr d exms, woooo =D

Lord Dianabol said...

Matey, the squid rings and them oysters.... magnifico!

zhengning said...

Ohmy!!! The Calamari and the fish platter........ohmy, i want! LOl, Nice foodie trip again!

Anonymous said...

GELATO!~~~~~~~~~~ hehe the pictures shows such a relaxing and peaceful mood..

Now i'm craving for some fish and chips..


D said...

kahsean: Fish and chips by the sea. How else can it get fresher?

lady dianabol: there are some things you can't get in Singapore

zhengning: Not really a foodie trip this time, just visiting family and friends but still, food does take centerstage =D

girl: Perth is indeed laid back and peaceful. Freo is great on a weekday because it's a lot quieter. Weekdays tend to get quite touristy and crowded.

jeromelim said...

It definitely looks better than swenson's or fish and co's i would like to try it if i ever have a chance to go perth

D said...

jeromelim: Thanks for dropping by. Perth is perhaps the nearest "Western" city to Singapore, do drop by one day. It's only 4.5hrs away =)

Anonymous said...

I put tons of vinegar on my fish and chips!! Just soak it really and sometimes a sprinkle of salt but usually we have Mr Ho's fish and chips (American school caterer or ACS caterer, something like that) and it'll be tons of vinegar and some tartar and tomato all at once. I just had it on Saturday at my friend's going away party, too bad I had to smash every bit of my fish up and forego most of the batter because of my inability to chew.