Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Block 7 Everton Park, Singapore

I would stop by this coffeeshop sometimes for a bite of fried chicken. It used to be a pretty dingy place (which explained its appeal to me) but has recently undergone renovations with the new anchor stall being yet another Hong Kong Street franchise.

I ordered a bowl of mutton soup from the new Indian-Muslim stall and it was pretty good. Thick and rich in flavor, they were quite generous with the meat as well.

Since the mutton soup seemed like a pretty good start, I decided to try their mee goreng (fried noodles) as well. The serving is large enough for two or one very hungry bloke haha. Continuing with the trend of generous ingredients was a pretty decent amount of minced mutton, egg, peas, potato chunks and beansprouts in this.

But the fried chicken is what I was really here for. I'm a fan of localized coffeeshop or hawker center fried chicken for one particular reason; it's cooked to order. I'll choose this sort of fried chicken in Singapore anytime over the mass commercialized chains (maybe with the exception of Popeye's).

Piping hot with a crisp savory coat of batter.

Even the breast cut was tender, juicy and succulent.



Lord Dianabol said...

Hey mate, the grub's looking bloody orrsome!!!

D said...

Spot on mate.