Monday, May 21, 2007

Or Hwu Restaurant, Yong Peng, Malaysia

On the way out from Labis and back to Singapore, we decided to stop by this place in Yong Peng which serves Fu Zhou fare.

These minced pork and liver balls are stuffed into pig intestines before they're fried. They reminded me a bit of hati babi bungkus, no complains here; these were tasty as.

Stir-fried pork ribs, in a tangy sauce. A good thing the sauce wasn't too sweet. A nice smoky aroma from good wok heat finished this off nicely.

A classic Fu Zhou dish to order is the chicken with Chinese red wine in vermicelli. This one has a kick in it. I think they poured in more of the booze when the dish was done but it was still fragrantly good.

Some stir-fried greens with garlic are always good for health.

Finally, to round up the meal before we returned to Singapore was a plate of black sauce noodles. Yong Peng looks like another sweet place for grub, so I'm quite sure I'll be back to check it out more thoroughly next time.


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Lord Dianabol said...

Those liver rolls are to die for, being stuffed in intestines this is hardcore old school, the real way to make sausages.

A pity the fools these days have no appreciation of offal at all. Some idiots don't even know that fish has fins and scales, thinking it's just fingers....