Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Arnold's Fried Chicken, City Plaza, Singapore

After another refreshing cendol from the Geylang Serai Temporary Market, I took a little walk around the surrounding shopping centers and chanced upon this packed fast-food joint on the second floor of City Plaza (810 Geylang Rd). They seem to specialize in fried chicken (I guess everybody loves fried chicken) and to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to drop in as well.

Their serving concept is rather different here, the menu is out front. You place your order, take a queue number, wait for your feed, eat up, then pay when you're done.

This little bird wasn't too bad. The skin wasn't as crisp like Popeye's as I hoped it to be (the texture was quite similar to the Colonel's Original mix) but the seasoning had a nice chili and pepper kick in it. The meat within also had a nice and juicy succulency. A pity the chips and coleslaw weren't anything great and the chili sauce in the sachets was so sweet I could probably make cordial out of it but I'll be back for the bird.



Lord Dianabol said...

Mmmm... chicken.....

Sammy said...

dude, did u try the putu piring at Banquet at Haig Rd? It looks pretty darn good

Lady|Gye said...

Arnold has been around like forever in City Plaza since I'm in P3 (i think and i'm 32 now). They're the first Halal fried chicken ala kfc. Used to be the best (maybe last time muslims don't have much choice) but don't know their standard now.

Anyway you got a new fan for yr blog, ME!
Keep it up and don't let it die okay.

D said...

lady dianabol: good stuff aye?

yd: Really? I must check it out. Afterall, I am a fan of Indonesian bamboo cakes and kueh tutu

lady|gye: Thanks for dropping by. Yup, I heard this place has quite a history.