Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome Inn Tea House, Perth, Australia

Dim sum or "yum cha" in my opinion is better in Australia than it is in Singapore. Most of the dim sum chefs here are from Hong Kong and the ingredients are very fresh.

The steamed prawn dumpling skins here weren't the lightest and thinnest but the huge chunks of fresh prawn in it more than made up for that.

The shu mais were stuffed with decent quality meat. There was hardly any flour filler in these. The addition of whole shrimps were also a nice touch.

Steamed chicken feet in black bean sauce. The good thing about the ones here was that they weren't over-cooked to the point of mushiness.

Yet another dim sum staple; steamed pork ribs with black bean and chilies.

Steamed ox tripe, yet another chewy and crunchy snack.

The yam fritters here are are not to be missed.

Soft and moist yam encasing minced pork and mushrooms, this goes well with the chili oil given.

One of the rarer yum cha dishes in Singapore. The dough crullers wrapped in steamed rice flour rolls have a nice contrast of soft and crunchy textures.

The steamed Chinese carrot cake here is so smooth and soft it just glides down your esophagus.

But this is the real reason why I love yum cha in Australia - fried squid tentacles. This is great beer grub, salty, spicy, crunchy and chewy; one plate is never enough.



jeromelim said...

Is chinese food in australia extremely expensive compared to the one in singapore?i luv dim sum haha..and squid tentacles as part of a dim sum kinda unique and is nv heard b4 in singapore i suppose

kahsean said...

omg the squid tentacles are a number MUST HAVE in my dimsum =D Theres always not enough to share amongst my friends n i hahaha

D said...

jeromelim: Not really, even after factoring in the exchange rate, the prices are very comparable. Personally, I find SG dimsum quite poor. Certain yumcha joints in the States and Australia are even better than the ones in HK. I guess some countries did benefit from the pre-1997 migration trend.

kahsean: simple solution to "not enough" = order more, alot more!! =D