Thursday, October 12, 2006

ABC Brickworks Food Centre, Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore

*Just to clear up some potential misunderstandings, ABC brickworks food centre is the recently renovated one and not the one near the AIA building in Queenstown. You'll be surprised with how many people confuse the two.

After the renovation, I came to this place for supper knowing that it was pretty good in the past. Quite alot of the stalls I'm familiar with aren't around any more. We did see a little queue for this minced meat and fishball noodles and gave it a shot.

It was really only average. The shot of vinegar in the noodles made it quite tasty and the fishballs were quite crunchy, decent fare but nothing really worth shouting about.

We ordered some deep-fried prawn paste chicken from the Taiwanese porridge stall which survived the renovation and were quite upset with it. It was really rather appalling. The flavor was lacking and the meat within had a "pink" hue, like a bright neon pink. I don't want to know what they put in this.

The satays were quite alright. The pork satay had that important sliver of fat within which imparted a tasty, crunch bite. A pity the sauce wasn't heated though, it's such a turn off to dip hot steaming satay into cold sauce.

The barbecued chicken wings came from the same store as the satay and these were actually quite good. They were well marinated and fully cooked. I do wished they would char it abit more because I do enjoy the smokey aroma of the crispy burnt edges.

I was thinking of drinking beer when I saw this hardcore-looking bottle of oldenlandia water. This stuff is pretty refreshing although it tasted strangely salty. I think I enjoyed this beverage partly because of the ambiguous label in the front (like Calpico) which doesn't really describe anything about the taste. I surely didn't taste any "mountain" in this.

They had some other interesting things here like that claypot rice which everyone seemed to be eating so I guess I'll be back one day to try out the other stuff.



Anonymous said...

Hi hoo~~ i'm back!

Happy late mid autumn ;p~

I miss satays!
Do you eat out everyday~?

Hee your milk carton face is really interesting~ ;p

Gracio said...

hey d! Oh, ABC mkt is back up n running again? Thats so good to hear! I love the fish head bee hoon and yep,the chicken wings there too! fabulous!

zhengning said...

the chicken wings looks nice (:

J said...

ya i always refered the market near AIA building as ABC....kiam cai cha lo ti....lo ti .....

Shionge said...

Heee...tks, I know my ABC LOL

That fish ball soup sure looks yummy! Oh no, I'm hungry already :(

D said...

girl: heya! Welcome back. Do I eat out everyday? Hmm is that a rhetorical question? Haha... well techinically I don't eat out everyday per se, I do cook abit and would cook more often if my work schedule would permit it. I eat out quite alot and eat in quite alot, in general I eat ALOT which pretty much sets the precedence factor for this blog =D

gracio: Yes, ABC is up and running. The chicken wings are rather delectable.

zhengning: Don't just tease yourself with the visuals, come on down and have a taste.

J: Hey do you know where I can get all the lyrics to that song?

Shionge: Hunger is a sign that you're alive. It should be one of the vital signs.

Pulse - check!
Blood pressure - check!
Respiration - check!
Temperature - check!
Hungry? - CHECK!!!!