Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bangkok, October 2006, Day Two

The hotel packages I go for normally provide free breakfasts for guests but since the food outside is usually alot better, I only go in to get some for fun.

Since I didn't want to stuff up that much, I decided to just take abit of each. The little pancake was done very well, fluffy and warm, it went well with the maple syrup.

The fruit in Thailand is so sweet that you can just eat it with natural yoghurt and muesli mix.

Indulging in a slice of buttered toast. Yes, that's right, this is the correct way to butter your toast haha.

Brunch at my favorite Egyptian restaurant, Nasser Elmassry, I was worried that they might have been closed because it was Hari Raya Puasa that day but my fears were unfounded. This is a glass of their refreshing lassi.

Freshly baked Egyptian bread, this tastes abit like naan actually but is just a tad bit lighter and crisper.

The fresh bread goes great with the hummus.

Grilled lamb chops, these were well charred enough to have a crisp edge but weren't overcooked and hence retained their juicy tenderness.

Lamb shishkebab, these were a bit salty today but they still had that bouncy, juicy bite.

What's better than Egyptian bread or minced lamb? Both! This is Egyptian bread stuffed with minced lamb. The exterior of the bread is still crisp whilst the interior has absorbed the juices from the lamb, carbohydrates, protein and fat, this is a balanced meal by itself haha.

I chanced upon one of these Rotiboy stalls and had to get one. I know that coffee buns are probably considered passé and have gone out of vogue in Singapore but I only had one once when Rotiboy was around. The subsequent time I returned to Singapore, all their stalls had closed down! So here I was bun in hand, with a vengence.

Ahh.. the familiar sweet and buttery taste. This wasn't as hot as I liked it to be but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Bangkok has the largest population of Japanese outside Japan, no trip to Bangkok is complete without some Japanese food. The Japanese food in Bangkok is of very good quality, comparable to some of which you get in Japan itself. This is a little appetizer from Uomasa in the Nihomura compound at 87 Thonglor Soi 13. The appetizer had a shellfish in it, a piece of fish, brocolli and braised beef tongue.

Since they had angler fish liver in ponzu like Kazu, we had to order a serve to compare the two. The one here uses minced liver but the flavor was still quite good. I guess Kazu wins on quality though since they use whole livers instead.

Finally, some decent aburi sushi. The tuna was heavenly, the slighly torched surface made it extremely fragrant and it practically melts in your mouth. I stayed clear from the ones with sea urchin roe. Somehow, sea urchin roe never agrees with me.

Grilled oysters with miso paste. Not too bad except I thought the miso was abit overpowering for the delicate sweetness of the oyster so i just scrapped off a bit before eating the oyster flesh.

This place does beef tongue in many ways, even sashimi style. I went for the safe grilled version. Tasty...

I'm quite exploratory with food normally but I'm a sucker for safe eating (read as not raw) when it comes to Japanese food and shied away from the more exotic stuff like horse sashimi. So I went for the ebi tempura, not too bad, the batter was almost as light as the ones you get at Tenshin.

Unagi and wagyu yakitori. The unagi tasted fresh and wasn't slimy. The wagyu was ok, not the best and I knew I was going to get slugged for it being "Market Price", I paid almost 500BT (20SGD) for this one stick!!

More grilled tongue, yakitori-style this time. Yum...

Washed it all down with some premium shoju. All in all, Uomasa was not bad for a first try despite being my most costly meal on this trip at 6000BT (240SGD) but there are so many Japanese restaurants in Bangkok that I can try a new one everytime I visit.



Anonymous said...

Hey D, u sure know goood foood! I havent try Rotiboy! Last time the queue was soooo long its scary! Then the next time i came back from Perth, they changed it to Central the HK cafe now, hahahaha... its like bubble tea la! But I love bubble tea just that SG dun have good ones anymore.
And as much as I like buffet, I cant stand it .. becus I always overeat and wanna try eveyrthing! Bad idea.

Anonymous said...

hope you enjoyed yourself, take care :)

-from london

Sammy said...

Ooo I love the food available in thailand. There's an A&W around tt Rotiboy area also!

Gracio said...

Woah! Yummy posts on food! :)

D said...

michie: There are some imitation rotiboys around which look quite promising but I haven't ventured a shot yet. Bubble tea haha.. were you a Utopia or Tea Fusion fan? I was a Tea Fusion fan, their taro snowbomb was the best!

YD: I saw the A&W but the oil just smelt abit too overused for my liking, guess it was my unlucky day =(

gracio: That's what the Dancing Blue Seal is all about =D

Bangkok Hotels, Thailand said...

Japanese food is not too bad... Thank you for your food blog...