Tuesday, October 10, 2006

HL Milk, Singapore

There seems to be strong cult-following of HL Milk lovers in Singapore so I may probably step on a few toes with this post. I don't really like HL Milk at all. I like my plain milk creamy and flavorsome but not sweet. I was told that the vanillin-saccharin-like taste would soon grow on me but despite giving it some fair chances, it didn't. After a quick google, I found out the reason responsible for that weird sweetness. HL is targeted at the predominantly lactose-intolerant Asian market as a low lactose fresh milk. What happens is there is actually an enzyme added to HL milk in its processing stage that breaks down the lactose into simpler sugars such as glucose and galactose. I'm suspecting this enzyme is a synthetic variant of lactase but I could be complete wrong. Luckily, I'm 100% non lactose-intolerant but unfortunately am totally plain-milk-that-tastes-too-sweet-intolerant.

On an almost completely unrelated aside, I was dropping a friend home one night and being still very unfamiliar with Singaporean roads, she asked if I could find my way back. I replied, "Well.. if you see my face on a milk carton, it means I didn't quite make it." I then realised they don't really do that here, but I guess if they did, it'll look something like this:

I do not mind the chocolate variant of HL and actually find their banana version quite refreshing. It's only the "plain" one which I can't get used to because it's really not that plain. Maybe if they relabeled it "vanilla"...



Shionge said...

Cute :D

Yep me can't take those HL milk too and it has a bad after taste when I add them to my coffee too :(

Anonymous said...

I actually like HL milk and cook with it but my mom doesn't like it. She does buy it quite often though which is funny as I don't take milk regularly (like drink or coffee or cereal) although I have now resolved to do it more often...as I am ill. again. *cries*

I find the lowfat Greenfields tastes quite similar although less sweet.

Anonymous said...

D, just a quick note as I'm tired and watching telly.

ulcers: I get them a lot. For meds, I already use Kenalog and Oracorte. I find Oracorte better for numbing the pain.

For sore throat: Already use Difflam-C mouthwash and lozenges. Right now not using the mouthwash, using Bactidol and salt water, but using the Difflam lozenges. Sometimes use Mac.

LOL I'm an expert on ulcer and sore throats :P

Cheng Li Yuan: I would go a lot more often if I could find people to go with and if parking was easier.

I quite enjoyed tze char and crab at Sin Hoi Sai at Tiong Bahru, check that out!

Fashionasia said...

I love the banana version!!but must add some water cos its a bit too sweet

Anonymous said...

i cant stand malaysian and singaporean milks!! aussie milks rockss =]

Anonymous said...

:) yes I remember that night. But you *did* get back safe home after all. And my cat drinks hl milk! And since my cat is more choosy than any human I know it probably means there is still hope yet for hl milk.


D said...

shionge: I know, it just tastes weird to me.

Cindy: Yes, you are indeed the ulcer expert. You could be a dentist =P.

A good place to park for Cheng Li Yuan is maxwell house. Per entry parking for only 2SGD and it's really very near from the exit.

I dine at Sin Hoi San quite regularly too, have you tried their froglegs with essence of chicken? It's an acquired taste, some of my friends love it but I only find it so so.

Fashionasia: Won't water dilute it abit too much? I diluted mine with the "plain" HL because I bought the twin pack heh.

Kahsean: Yes yes, lucky you, rub it in eh =P? We do get Browne's double choc chill here but it's going for some ridiculous price of close to 4SGD for a litre or something.

Babe_KL said...

i dun like HL too, too sweet for my liking

D said...

babe_kl: I concur.