Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pizzas of America

This was a PDF I created for some of my friends a few months ago before I even started to blog. Some of those friends have suggested more than once to put it up on my blog but I haven't had the time to convert it over from PDF to HTML till now. It's basically almost a word for word transcription (with some privacy enhancements) of what I did so I apologize to my friends who have read it before. If you love pizzas as much as I do, I hope you enjoy this. Without further ado, D brings you:

*Hmm as you can see it wasn't ported over perfectly. The transparency on the gif file is not evident.

Good Ol’ Papa John’s takeaway. The apartment I was living in was having a special. Six dollar pizzas on Tuesday. Unlike Singapore and Australia, the typical American pizza comes with only one or two toppings! Here’s Pepperoni on the left and Sausage (mince meat is called sausage here) on the right. Still quite tasty for generic pizza!

I think somewhere between a Corona and a good slice of pizza lies happiness. Haha.. nah I’m just kidding, er.. don’t drink and drive. Stay in School, don’t do drugs.

Pizza is a good condiment. It goes well with anything hahahahaha! (This is my breakfast!!!)

Chicago deep-pan. Is it a pizza, a stew, a balanced meal? Who cares! It tastes so good but! Hahaha!!

I could only eat two slices!! I feel so ashamed...

They encourage graffiti here so I left my mark. Hopefully I’ll be back soon to update it. Heck, who am I trying to fleece? I’ll be back for the pizza.

If you’re not early you have to join the two hour queue. It’s even crazier on Memorial Day weekend, which incidentally was that day as well haha. Yup, I’m ashamed to admit it but laying there in that box are remnants of a pizza I could not conquer.

New York thin slice, I’m sure this is what they feed you in heaven! This is chicken with herbs.

Pepperoni with mushroom. Look! It’s glistening with JUICE. That’s pizza juice ok? Not oil, juice. Don’t argue with me =)

As you can see, a slice is pretty huge too. It was really warm that day because of the heat wave hence the sunnies but it’s never too warm for New York thin slice.

This is where I go in NYC to get my thin slice fix. Ben's Pizzeria, New York, London, Japan, Spain, Italy. Why not Australia or Singapore?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!

This is some very “yuppie” pizza I had in an up market bistro in Boston. It was peking duck with hoisin sauce, cucumber and coriander. I didn’t really like it but it’s in here for completeness’ sake.

Barbequed chicken pizza, the chicken pieces were actually like schnitzel pieces. This was actually rather tasty and although it had classy Boston style schnitzel pieces of chicken instead of processed meat I still liked it a lot. It tasted good fresh, cold or reheated in a microwave. (yes, pizza can be appreciated in many ways haha)

Hey what’s this? It’s a calzone I had in Boston as well. Hmm I was in a little dilemma of whether to include this or not but I guess in some way, the calzone is like the prodigal son of pizzas and heck, this tasted way too good to be left out. It’s filled with roast beef, cheese, pizza sauce and all sort of divine goodness haha.

-the end-



Anonymous said...

haha, I just recovered from a terrible painful tongue ulcer so these pictures are making me crave pizza.

Still waiting for your report on Chen Li Yuan, I love the boiled seafood dumplings (looks like pork to me) and on my latest trip the guo tie had also improved with a thinner skin. Mmmm dumplings..must..have...

kahsean said...

mmm pizza! i've been craving it for some time. the only nice pizzas here are 'dominos' lol.

D said...

cindy: ouch, ulcers, not the best. Do you get them very often though? Maybe you should see your dentist? Ah yes, the meal at Cheng Li Yuan was MEGA, it's actually on queue somewhere but I'll bump it up a little - just for you haha. My in-depth review should appear in a day or two.

kahsean: aww... Perth has some places better than the generic dominos, pizzahuts etc. I know this really great pizza joint in ForrestLakes that does a super kickass pizza with bacon, anchovies and chilli flakes! Do you live South or North? Cos this place is pretty South. Maybe I'll get you some when I'm next back in Perth, except I don't know when that'll be haha.

kahsean said...

ahha forestlakes, thats in thornlie hey! yeh i live in the south.i shall go try some next time.

Sammy said...

Cool, i'll be back there in dec. i live at canningvale 20mins south frm the city. any good food ard there?

Sammy said...

Oh okay. Thanks alot C! Hope to try them out this Dec :)